About Me

So…You want to know what I’m all about?

Hi! I’m Jamie and I’m a Freelance SEO Writer & Blogger. I started Let’s Get Jobless with a dream of leaving my 60-hour work week behind in an effort to grow a lifestyle business that I could run from anywhere that would give me the freedom to travel and see the world. The aim of the blog is for me to share what I learn with my readers because I really want to add value to not only my own life, but for my readers too.


This is the perfect time to give you a little background information about myself.

I’m a Retail Sales Manager, who has been in various roles over the last 10 years within the IT sector, Hospitality sector, and the Furniture Industry. Some of these roles within the IT sector have included social media marketing, sales management and visual merchandising. My parents owned a hotel, which was my home for over 10 years, so I grew up in the Hospitality sector; however, my main area of expertise falls into the Furniture industry. I have established myself and worked my way up through various promotions and job roles. Although I have enjoyed working in this industry, I have realized that there is more to life than working 60+ hour weeks and this is why I want to pursue setting myself up as a lifestyle business, that I can operate around my lifestyle.


I may be new to this but one thing I’ll always be is honest…

I’ll share my successes and my failures with you and I hope that this site will grow into a community where people can get all the skills they need or want to become truly ‘Jobless’.

Want to dive straight in?

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