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Where to get started with Location Independence?

I'm the type of person that when I get a new idea or a new project I'm running at a million miles an hour straight      away. Getting stuck into projects and working really hard is where I'm always strongest, but the real question I always get stuck with is, where do I start?

Usually, it goes one of two ways.

Clarity – I find exactly what I’m after straight away and work towards it.

Insanity – I get so drawn into figuring out what I’m going to do, I get sidetracked with a million and one other problems.

So when I decided to buy the Paradise pack and take the first step towards this new challenge I had a decision to make.

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Work & Travel

Last week a very interesting proposition fell into my lap, from a very interesting person. When I first took the leap to travel in September 2015, the first thing that I thought about when I got home was. ‘Why am I back?’ and secondly… ‘I wonder if there is a way I could work & travel at the same time?’

So I did what any person does when confronted with such a question and I googled it.

types of businesses you can run from anywhere google search
types of business you can run from anywhere