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Note from Jamie: This is a guest post written by one of my good friends Meg. She has a ton of experience when it comes to Pinterest and after getting a lot of advice from her personally on how to improve my traffic using Pinterest, I asked her to compile a Pinterest guide for you guys. Nailing Pinterest is one of the fastest ways to grow traffic to your site and I know a lot of bloggers who have doubled and sometimes quadrupled the amount of traffic they are receiving after following tips the same as Meg is offering below.

I hope you get a ton of useful info out of today’s post and please get stuck into Pinterest and follow both myself and Meg on Pinterest and share your success with us directly!

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Enjoy the post! 

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SMART Goals you say?

I’ve talked briefly in a few other posts about setting SMART goals, but I think it’ll be beneficial to go into a little more detail to help any of you who are considering starting your own remote business, lifestyle business, blog. To be honest, once I figured out how to use SMART goals I even started using them in my day to day life! (Who doesn’t love setting up goals for your laundry, right?)