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They say that true Sales are in your genetics…

My dad lovingly refers to Sales as ‘the gift of the gab’. If you’re unlucky enough to have ever been at a family function and have a family member who’s been a moderate success in the world of Sales, you’ll no doubt know how the story goes…

It goes something along the lines of your Auntie throwing out loose terms about your cousin who sells used cars part-time such as, “Our Robert is a true salesman; he could sell ice to Eskimos!” (I always wondered how difficult it would be to actually accomplish this!)

So I’m sitting here with my laptop open; I’ve bought the domain, setup WordPress, come up with a name, designed a logo and I’m now ready to go (at least that’s what all the other ‘set up your own blog’ posts advised me to do.)

So now what?

Well now I need a game plan.

In my last blog post, I explained my motivation for wanting to leave my job and ‘Get Jobless.’ Now the real challenge for me is sticking with the cause and making the dream a reality.  See, for me, my real struggle always comes whenever I see something new or want to start something fresh and I have buckets loads of motivation! I fly headfirst in and spend hours and hours on whatever it is I’m focusing on, but then my mind wanders and it gets left behind. A quick google of ‘disorders related to starting something but never finishing’ may give some insight but I think thats an avenue I’d rather not explore!