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How to Be a Freelance Writer and land your first client

If you’re reading this post chances are, you’re interested in how to be a freelance writer. I don’t blame you, becoming a freelance writer affords you a ton of luxuries:

  • The freedom to travel whilst working
  • Be your own boss and work on the projects you want to
  • Manage your own time without limitations

However, for many of us, it will be just a dream. Realistically, only very few of you reading this article will be able to take the necessary action to turn your dreams into a reality.

What’s holding everyone else back?

Fear and doubt.

Luckily, this article is here to diminish all fear and banish doubt from your mind. It’s here to show you that even without any prior experience, qualifications or previous work experience, you can learn how to be a freelance writer.

I’ll give you an article without any sales links, or affiliate products I’m recommending you. Just an honest account of exactly what happened to me.

How to Crack the ‘Conventional’ Work Week Mould  | Why conventional work isn't for everyone, In this post I talk about why online business could be the best way to get away from working the regular 9-5. We talk techniques to earning money online, side hustles and how to live the millionaire lifestyle without having millions in the bank.

How to Crack the ‘Conventional’ Work Week Mould 

Whilst writing this post I’m currently sat on a flight from Belfast to New York. It’s been an interesting 4 weeks since I packed in my day job and decided to leave and go travelling. What’s really stood out to me in that time is just how many people are trapped in society.

We are working inflexible jobs because we think that is all we are capable of. We are brainwashed by education, by the news and by the government to not question the status quo.

We are told from a young age that you need to get a job, to work 40 hours a week, to earn a reasonable salary and to have a few weeks holiday a year.

This conventional approach has millions of us trapped in our pre-set, sometimes mundane lives whilst only  1% reach out for the true lifestyle that is possible. Many of us dream of being millionaires but what does being a millionaire actually mean?

What does being a millionaire actually mean?

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Why a lifestyle business will change your life and how you can start your own online business today | Ways to make money online | Remote work | Online Business | Online business ideas | Work abroad ideas | How to work abroad | Earn money online

Why a Lifestyle Business Will Change Your Life

When I first heard somebody mention the term lifestyle business, I had to be honest, I was a bit sceptical.
I was chatting with a friend at work after having read a blog post about working from abroad. The whole remote travel thing had struck a chord with me, but we both wondered if it was another one of these ‘get rich quick schemes’.
It was only after I actually did some proper research that I realised that there are so many different ways in which you can make money online. The more research I did the more I realised, running my own lifestyle business is completely achievable.
It seems topical to write about this today. As of writing this post, I’m in the back of a car on the way to The Lake Of Constance, Germany with a group of 4 amazing people I’ve met whilst travelling.

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Click here to download an easy check-list for staying focused whilst working from home.

9 Easy ways to stay focused whilst working from home

I’m fairly certain that most people who are reading this blog will have either:

  1. Worked from home or
  2. Had a desire to work from home (or any location that isn’t a workplace for that matter!)

Lifestyle businesses are often started in your spare time and can evolve into full-time work, so I’ll aim to help you figure out how to start working from home. However, there are a number of challenges when working from home.

Mainly? Staying focused.

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My first income report, what’s that all about?

For the last few months, I’ve been considering the option of starting an income report. I’ve had various reservations about starting one, primarily my main concern has been that people may think that I’m out to make money when my main goal is to help people grow.
What I didn’t want to do was to have the focus of my blog be about making money, because that’s not the reason I’m writing it. I worried that if I started measuring income from my site that would be my main drive for the content, instead of focusing on helping people. This is a trap that I have fallen into before in my career, always chasing the money but that never making me happy.

They say that true Sales are in your genetics…

My dad lovingly refers to Sales as ‘the gift of the gab’. If you’re unlucky enough to have ever been at a family function and have a family member who’s been a moderate success in the world of Sales, you’ll no doubt know how the story goes…

It goes something along the lines of your Auntie throwing out loose terms about your cousin who sells used cars part-time such as, “Our Robert is a true salesman; he could sell ice to Eskimos!” (I always wondered how difficult it would be to actually accomplish this!)

So I’m sitting here with my laptop open; I’ve bought the domain, setup WordPress, come up with a name, designed a logo and I’m now ready to go (at least that’s what all the other ‘set up your own blog’ posts advised me to do.)

So now what?

Well now I need a game plan.

In my last blog post, I explained my motivation for wanting to leave my job and ‘Get Jobless.’ Now the real challenge for me is sticking with the cause and making the dream a reality.  See, for me, my real struggle always comes whenever I see something new or want to start something fresh and I have buckets loads of motivation! I fly headfirst in and spend hours and hours on whatever it is I’m focusing on, but then my mind wanders and it gets left behind. A quick google of ‘disorders related to starting something but never finishing’ may give some insight but I think thats an avenue I’d rather not explore!