About Me

The story behind the blogger

Hi! I’m Jamie and I’m a Freelance SEO Writer & Blogger. I started Let’s Get Jobless with a dream of leaving my 60-hour work week behind in an effort to grow a lifestyle business that I could run from anywhere that would give me the freedom to travel and see the world. The aim of the blog was to hold myself accountable to leaving my own job.

As of September 17th, 2017 that dream is now a reality. I’m now a full time Lifestyle Business Entrepreneur.

Now the blog is all about helping others achieve location independence.

Enjoying a nice cold gin cocktail, in the English countryside.
Enjoying a nice cold gin cocktail, in the English countryside.

This is the perfect time to give you a little background information about myself.

Before leaving the UK to travel I was a Retail Sales Manager and selling was my gig. It’s what I lived for! Building up a rapport with customers, helping them leave happy whilst at the same time keeping my bosses happy by selling all the extra ‘goodies’. But all that selling comes at a price, and I soon realised that I wanted more out of life than making rich people richer.

Considering I only look about 18 (actually 25) you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m straight out of school! But I was fortunate in that after moving out when I was 17 I’ve been working full time since and have had tons of experience with some truly gifted individuals. They gave me some amazing skills in a variety of roles including:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Coaching

The list could go on but I don’t want to bore you now, do I?

My family life

My parents owned a hotel, which was my home for over 10 years. But since then I’ve lived in Shrewsbury, I have two amazing sisters (one who has a blog too, check it out at linziloves.com) two cracking step-brothers and one awesome cat who loves some attention.

In the last 9 month’s my family extended when I moved to Birmingham and gained some brothers for life in the form of my housemates, it was an amazing experience and I was sad to leave but travel was calling.

What else makes me weird unique?

About me
On top of Scafell Pike after carrying a sofa to the top (with some help of course) all for Children in Need!

I’m big into giving. As well as setting up Let’s Get Jobless I like to give back to the community whenever I can. I’ve raised money every year for BBC Children in Need and have done all sorts of crazy things including taking a sofa to the top of England’s highest peak! I’m also happy to say I’ve completed the London Marathon in 2015 and raised over £1300 for The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital Charitable Fund. I was pretty happy with my time of 4 hours 42 minutes…but always room for improvement, right?

Photo of me getting ready for the Marathon in September 2015
I was pretty happy with my finish time, 4hours 42 minutes.


One thing I’ll always be is honest…

I’ll share my successes and my failures with you and I hope that this site will grow into a community where people can get all the skills they need or want to become truly jobless, and setup their own lifestyle business.

Want to dive straight in?