Why is it difficult to get back on the horse?

Firstly, this is the point I should apologize. Writing is a dream that I set out for myself and in December I had some pretty big changes that hit with my day job and long story short I very much struggled to put any time into my blog or writing.

Today is the day that changes (back on the horse time!)

Going forward I’m going to be putting together some new goals for myself in an effort to adjust my life and prioritize what is important to me.

First off… Finances!

In December of this year, I moved houses into a house share with 3 other guys. For my own personal happiness, this has been fantastic, I’ve made new friends, we all get along great but boy, have my finances been hit hard.

From today I’m going to be keeping track of my spending and trying to set myself short-term goals to reduce my outgoings. (honestly spending £300-£400 or more in a month on social situations and nights out drinking is getting a little much).

Secondly… Writing!

If any of you are bloggers or writers you know the importance of writing as often as possible. It helps you develop your vocabulary, improves your own writing style and also helps you put out regular content to your audience! For me, this is something that I have struggled to make time for with the changes in my job. From today I’m going to try and find new ways in which I can try and write every day and bring exciting new content to this web page, and maybe even make a few changes to the type of content I’m writing. (I’m always open to suggestions with this so if you’d like to see any types of posts on this page then please let me know in the comments or with an email: Jamie@letsgetjobless.com)

I’ve got some pretty big plans for what I can try and do to keep myself on track with these goals and I’ll let you guys know as these plans develop what I’m thinking of doing, and potentially how you might be able to join in with me as I make these changes.

Lastly… Fitness!

I’ve been an on and off type of person when it comes to fitness over the last few years. Some of you may know that I ran the London Marathon in 2014, finishing in a time of 4 hours 42 minutes which I raised money for Bone Cancer Research. That was the last time I believe that I was at the peak of my physical fitness.
I’ve also had moments where I’ve been more focused on my physique than my fitness and have worked really hard at the gym. One thing that I’ve read on a lot of different blogs is that fitness can be a key factor in productivity so I’m also going to focus on getting fitter, eating healthier foods and also making myself accountable for those goals. (I might try and stop drinking alcohol as well but let’s not get too carried away with ourselves here!)

Once I have these 3 things under control I can start planning for the next goal and the next jump, and I plan to make myself really live the values of this website and blog and aim to get myself jobless in the near future.

These coming weeks I’m going to be posting as much new content as I can so as usual, any suggestions or comments and feedback are always appreciated.

Stay classy!




Jamie is a freelance writer and sales coach who has over 10 years of experience in retail and sales. He is now taking his experience on the road and is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs achieve their potential.

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