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So many people talk about making money online, but should you invest in a blogging course to help you get to the point of monetising your blog?

When it comes to everything I’ve been doing in my entrepreneurial adventures over the last few months, one of the biggest changes I’ve made is investing in myself more. From committing to doing The Miracle Morning every day to paying for a personal Instagram coach, to now investing in the Billionaire Blog Club, I’ve been spending time and money on personal development. 

Why is personal development important? For me, I noticed before 2018 that I was just cruising, doing what I needed to get by.

January and February saw me make a number of changes and putting myself outside my comfort zone and investing in myself by:

  • Building a community and free course to help my followers
  • Committing to a single social media platform and learning it completely
  • Journaling daily and waking up before 6 am to focus on myself

The results I’ve achieved in that team have been miraculous. I feel fitter, happier and more focused than ever.

One thing I did notice, however, was my blog was suffering. Not from anything other than, a lack of time and focus.

So this month, I’ve decided to not just invest in myself, but invest in my blogging future by becoming a member of the Billionaire Blog Club.

In this post, I’ll outline exactly what the Billionaire Blog Club is, how it’s going to help me turn this blog into the world-beating blog I know it can be and how you can get involved for yourself.

Jobless Nation Note: The Billionaire Blog Club only opens up for registration a couple of times a year, for now, you can take Scriv’s free 12-day Blogging Bootcamp to help you get started. He will then email you when enrolment opens.

Why Investing My Money Makes Me Pay Attention

When it comes to free content, I’ve got it coming out of my ears. I’ve literally got a folder sat on my desktop called ‘free shit’.

Free stuff on desktop

Here’s the trouble with free content, when you download an e-book, video guide or mp3 download that is free, your mind associates it as free.

When our mind associates something as free, more often than not, we think about all the other things we’ve had for free in the past. Free pamphlets in your newspaper, free toys in your McDonalds Happy Meals and free content downloads from your favourite blogger sites.

Here’s the problem, most free content sucks. Two to three pages of generic trollop, written out into an E-book, covered in glitter and sparkles to make it look impressive and thrown to you in exchange for your email address – where you enter the dreaded sales funnel.

Months or years of rubbish free content has conditioned your mind that anything you receive for free is going to be terrible. Therefore, it ends up in the solitary folder, on your desktop, collecting dust, like all the other courses I never started (rest in peace: ‘list of 59 amazing tools for my email list’).

With so Many Free Courses Available Why Do We Invest in Paid for Courses?

Simply put, we know they are better. But there is a science to WHY they are better too.

When you invest your money into a product, you associate a value with that product. That means that because you spent your hard earned dollars on that product, you want to put that product to good use.

This means people who typically buy online courses, will take the online courses. This has a snowball effect.

Because you invested your money, you invest your time. Because you invest your time, you start to see results.

By investing your money, the end result is you actually put time into taking the course and will see results.

Money Spent + Action Taken = Results
Money Spent + Action Taken = Results

My Personal Results With this Formulae

I’d love to say that the scientists are wrong and that I can use my pure determination to prove them wrong, but the above formulae has worked for me too.

For months I toiled away at learning social media strategies through free courses, e-books, blog posts and articles gaining varied amounts of minor success over a 12 month period.

It’s only when I invested $500 into a coaching course for Instagram that I decided I was going to apply myself and within a month I 10 X my Instagram following and it still continues to grow between 1000-1500 followers PER WEEK to this day.

Statistics from social blade
Here is my Instagram growth via the website.

It’s no surprise that when I spent money on getting a result, I was determined to make sure my money wasn’t wasted. I shared my Instagram tips for growth with my community and the results were incredible.

Time to Make Bloggin’ My Bitch.

With that in mind, in the month of March, I decided it was time to get back to my roots. Time to make blogging my bitch.

I wanted to up a gear and take what I had achieved in my Instagram success and apply that to my blogging habits. I wanted to achieve the same level of success, aiming to 5X or 10X my blogging success.

I also planned to use the same approach as I did for my Instagram success, by documenting the whole process and setting up a 30-Day Blogging Bootcamp to take my followers along with me for the journey.

Join the blogging bootcamp
If you’d like to take part in the first round of my 30-Day Blogging Bootcamp, Click the image above.

Not only would this pave the way for my own success, but it’d allow me to help others within my community take the same steps as I was to achieve their own success.

The Blogging Course to End All Blogging Courses

So great news, I had a strategy for success. All I needed now was an expert who would let me drink from the fountain of knowledge.

Here’s the one big problem you’ll notice with blogging, however. Everyones a fucking expert.

If you believed every income report you read on Pinterest, you’d think there were 100,000 bloggers making 6 figures blogging about cupcakes and dragonflies.

Although I haven’t done a Google search for I’m fairly certain that there is a multitude of bloggers online who are faking their income report numbers, to drive more traffic to their affiliate links.

Hey, it’s a vicious world, I’m sure it’s just the same in the corporate world (in fact I know it is).

So here’s the question…

Of all the wannabe experts and supposed best-selling blogging courses out there, what one was going to give me the success and knowledge that I wanted.

So I did my research, and there were a few options that came back to me. Michelle Shroeders Affiliate marketing masterclass, the elite blog academy, and the Billionaire Blog Club.

Apart from being drawn to the Billionaire Blog Club purely from an egotistical sense —The name does sound dope — what really sealed the deal for me was the guy behind it all.

Join the free 12-day blogging bootcamp
If you want to you can join Scriv’s free 12-day course

First, he gave me this killer free 12-day blogging course, and then he redirected me to a sales page which blatantly told me – Yo bro, in case you didn’t know, this is a sales funnel. Most people want to trick you but I’m just gonna tell you the truth.

Scrivs then shared a 7-minute video all about his beliefs with blogging, and how he runs over 10 different blogs. In the video he goes through some live Google Analytics for his sites and boy, are the figures impressive.

This guy really knows his stuff and he owns blogs that are bringing in over 100,000 monthly views. That’s some gangster level blogging right there.

Being totally honest, I initially started watching the video hating the dude’s voice, but within minutes I already had my credit card out and had become a member.

This blogging course was going to help me never need to pay for another blogging course, ever again.

What Being a Billionaire Blog Club Member Is All About

Should you join the billionaire blog club?

The big thing about the BBC (Billionaire Blog Club) is the community. Scrivs the creator himself said this week in one of his emails the success of the BBC is all about the relationship he’s built with his audience.

The BBC has a fully integrated community system in place using Slack, a system used primarily for businesses and communication it separates your conversations into topics.

This is the Slack Channel for Billionaire Blog Club
This is the Slack Channel for Billionaire Blog Club

For BBC we have six main discussion groups:

  • #General
  • #Introduction
  • #Pinterest
  • #Random
  • #SEO
  • #Wins

We also have a number of private channels setup, one of the ones I’m featured in right now is the 500-a-day private group. In the group, it’s all about trying to write 500 words a day or more for your blog, or for anything.

If you didn’t know already, completing a daily writing practice is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your writing.

The great thing about the billionaire blog club for me is seeing the proof of the formulae. In the wins section almost every day we see people implementing what they learn in the courses offered by Scrivs.

Seeing people achieve such success is a huge motivator for following the formulae for success. The billionaire blog club really has it down to a science.

One of the best things about the BBC is the fact that the course creator, Scrivs who this year is set to make a million dollars from all of his different blogs is always on hand to answer questions.

I’ve honestly been impressed with how much time he has to put into the group, he really is happy to go the extra mile for his group members.

How I’m Going to Make My Blog Succeed Using the Billionaire Blog Club 

This reminds me of the first time I made money from my blog

Having been a member of a few different courses over the last few years while blogging, I’ve come to realize that people (me included) are addicted to tools. We all want the easy option, the fast track route, and before we’ve even committed to completing one course we are onto the next one.

I call this the shiny object syndrome. We are always attracted to whatever new pops on our radar, and out comes the credit card.

But here’s the truth, without conviction and putting courses actually into practice, we’ll never get anywhere.

That’s how I’m going to make my blog shine using the BBC. The Billionaire Blog Club makes something really clear straight away.

There IS a successful formula for blogging.

All you need to do is remove your ego, accept that and then apply it.

Literally, just DO IT.

Here’s my problem I’ve encountered, Instead of listening to the advice and doing what I’m told, I always think I’m too clever and have a better solution.

You, like me, may have looked at blogs online, mommy bloggers are a perfect example. I have years of experience in sales and am confident in my abilities.

I’ve also been writing for a few years online and am pretty confident in my writing abilities.

So my ego in my mind looked at these types of bloggers, achieving 200,000 monthly page views and I critiqued their not brilliant writing and I thought that I could do better.

But what these blogs knew, which I didn’t was how to be successful blogging.

That’s when the moment came for me to put up my hands, and give in to the realization, nearly 11 months after I decided to seriously start to blog and say… ‘Shit, I’ve been going about this the wrong way… time to fix that’.

So with that in mind, this is me putting a flag in the ground…

…Putting a line in the sand…

…Making a vow to uphold…

It’s time to start blogging like I mean it, and that means within 6 months, I’ll have 25,000 monthly blog visitors. That’s the goal, it’s realistic and it’s time to take action.

If you want to get started taking action, then just read on and get stuck in.

Get a Free 12-Day Course from the Billionaire Blog Club

Scriv’s free 12-day course for the Billionaire Blog Club was an eye-opener for me. It showed me that there was a way to massively improve my viewing figures, and broke it down into a science.

All I needed to do was to put in the work to shape my blog by following the guidelines.

I’d encourage you to check out Scriv’s free 12-day course, after all, it’s free and the knowledge you are set to gain from the course will no doubt really open up your eyes, to the possibility of real levels of traffic.

Not 1,000 monthly visitors, or 5,000 but real life-changing amounts of traffic that can turn your blogging hobby into an actual business. That’s something that so many of us strive for but rarely achieve.

Let’s change all that and actually make it happen. If you also get the opportunity to join the Billionaire Blog Club, I’d wholeheartedly recommend getting started.

As I go through the following months, I’ll look to come back and update this article with the work I’ve put in following the Billionaire Blog Club techniques and the results I’ve achieved from it.

For now, though, get started with the Free 12-Day Course, you’ll thank me later.

Stay classy,


Blogging for beginners guides are everywhere, learning how to make money blogging and blogging tips can be overwhelming. Find out this secret technique you can use for blogging success so you can make money online easily, and quickly.
Blogging for beginners guides are everywhere, learning how to make money blogging and blogging tips can be overwhelming. Find out this secret technique you can use for blogging success so you can make money online easily, and quickly.
The Billionaire Blog Club is all about making money blogging. By learning how to make money online, you can create a blog that gives you passive income.





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