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Lifestyle Business
Lifestyle Business – In this category find posts all related to building your own lifestyle business. Here’s a few popular posts:

How to take the first steps to starting your own business

How understanding ‘sales’ will help you build your own remote business

 Income report 001: My first income report, June 2017

Blogging – This category is aimed at helping you improve your blogging skill sets. Here are some top picks:

Basics of SEO – What are Backlinks & Why you need them

Work & Travel – The Paradise Pack Journal Series

Top 10 things to procrastinate on whilst thinking about your next blog post


Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development – Dive into this category for a selection of tricks, tips and techniques to develop yourself or others. A few favourites:

Smart people set SMART Goals

Are relationships in business really important?

TravelTravel – I’ll be sharing all of my travel exploits as I roam around Europe & Asia including travel tips. Here’s a selection:

The ‘Wanderlust Effect’





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