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How to Be a Freelance Writer and land your first client

If you’re reading this post chances are, you’re interested in how to be a freelance writer. I don’t blame you, becoming a freelance writer affords you a ton of luxuries:

  • The freedom to travel whilst working
  • Be your own boss and work on the projects you want to
  • Manage your own time without limitations

However, for many of us, it will be just a dream. Realistically, only very few of you reading this article will be able to take the necessary action to turn your dreams into a reality.

What’s holding everyone else back?

Fear and doubt.

Luckily, this article is here to diminish all fear and banish doubt from your mind. It’s here to show you that even without any prior experience, qualifications or previous work experience, you can learn how to be a freelance writer.

I’ll give you an article without any sales links, or affiliate products I’m recommending you. Just an honest account of exactly what happened to me.

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The Beginners Guide to Creating Your Own Kick-Ass Blog

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Out of I all the amazing things that have happened in the past year, starting a blog is hands down the best thing that I’ve done for myself.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Jamie, are you crazy? You went to that outrageous music festival in Budapest that looked absolutely dope.”

Or maybe

“But dude, what about that time your housemates threw that amazing leaving house party and it turned into a two-day event and a sick day (oops, I guess I’m ok to mention that now that I’ve left right?).”

But here’s why:

  • Starting my blog led me to think about what I really want out of life
  • A blog makes you accountable
  • It’s a great low-cost hobby that can actually make you money – and forge a career
  • My blog has helped me reach my biggest goal, leaving my job

Now, this all might sound a little over the top but I guarantee you that anybody who has ever written a blog will tell you the same thing: writing a blog can be amazing for inspiring change in your life.

Should you start a blog?

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My number 1 bonus tip every new blogger should be using today

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Top 10 Techniques- How To Avoid Looking Like a New Blogger

Scared of looking like a brand-new blogger? Here are 10 easy techniques on how not to look like a newbie.
It’s been a rather interesting experience writing out this post, as not so long ago I was an absolutely brand-new blogger. I’d never written a blog post before. To be honest I hadn’t done any real writing if you exclude stories at age 12 in school…which by the way, I do. Yet just by thinking about what has happened in the last few months, I’ve managed to come up with 10 different tips that I’ve compiled for you guys. I know that you will put these tips to good use.
Ever since I started this site I’ve been excited and inspired by different people in the industry and the amazing support it gives. I would encourage anybody and everybody to start a blog. It’s a fantastic way to express yourself passionately about what you love. It has given me the drive I need to pursue the goals that I have always wanted to achieve.

Writing a blog can give you amongst other things:

  • Confidence
  • Practical skills in regards to writing
  • A potential source of extra income if you wish to pursue that
  • A wide support network of people in the same situation as yourself
  • The potential to start a new business which could change your life

If you haven’t started a blog and are considering it as an option, I would encourage you to do so, it’s been the best thing I did in 2016! (And I went to the Sziget Music Festival that year and that was absolutely DOPE!) So let’s get started.

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Basics of SEO – What Is Backlinking & Why Do You Need It

What exactly is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the name that we give to the process of increasing your website’s ranking in a search engine.

The most important search engine to rank in across the internet is the almighty Google. When you search for a keyword, Google displays results that it considers to be authoritative and relevant.

So how exactly do you get Google to see your site as an authority? And how do you get Google to understand that your content is relevant? I will try to help you understand the answers to these questions throughout this blog post, but if you have any questions please let me know in the comments.

Got any requests for something specific you’re struggling with at the minute? Let me know in the comments and I’ll either help you directly or write a post on it.

I’ll be taking you through some of the basics of SEO in a few different articles to explain how, through the use of on-site optimisation and a backlinking strategy, you can get your website to rank higher in Google’s algorithm.

Why is SEO important?

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Paradise Pack Journal 005: How to overcome feeling overwhelmed

A quick look back at the last few weeks
Collectively now we’ve had nearly 2 months of action within The Paradise Pack, and I can honestly say that they have been some of the best weeks of my life (that sounds like a massive exaggeration but I mean it!) 

When we look back, what we have been able to accomplish in 2 months is nothing short of a miracle. For me personally I’ve altered my daily routine, changed my habits, grown my friendship circle to people who make me accountable for the actions that I take and above all else, I’m now in a position where I’m about to embark on a brand new adventure, quit my job and pursue that ‘dream lifestyle’ that I’ve been wanting for years.

One of our Paradise Pack members Jonathan reaching out, after feeling overwhelmed
One of our Paradise Pack members Jonathan reaching out, after feeling overwhelmed

So how come I have this gut wrenching feeling in my stomach?

It’s something that I’ve seen pop up a few times in the last week or so with other members of The Paradise Pack either through conversation, the Facebook group or just a small message. It seems I’m not alone in feeling the strain.
What I’ve been experiencing is this feeling of being overwhelmed.
I’ve chosen my battle route, I’ve made the plans. I’ve booked the flights and I’ve come up with a business plan (of sorts) and guess what I’m left with?
That feeling of:


If I were a gambling man I’d be willing to put money on the fact that there are at least a couple of you reading this who are feeling exactly the same way.
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If you’d like to catch up on the previous entries in The Paradise Pack Journal, click the link below to get full access to all of the posts.

The Paradise Pack Journal Archive

The Paradise Pack Journal – New Site Launch & Travel Plans

Welcome guys to my 4th installment of The Paradise Pack Journal.

I’m so happy that you’re here! 

I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown and how it’s been over a month since I started blogging about my progress through The Paradise Pack. E ven though I feel like I’ve made some real progress, there is still so much more that I feel like I need to complete.

If you haven’t read last week’s post The Paradise Pack Journal: 003, I spoke about what my perfect day looks like. I also explored through Sean Ogle’s course what I wanted out of life and created a mind-map putting this into a visual chart. The last entry also gave me the chance to share my new bullet journal and how I planned to use it in the future.

So what’s happened this week?

I’ve started planning for September and my departure from ‘normal’ life and making location independence a reality. I’ve also started to launch a brand new website to accompany Let’s Get Jobless!!

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For a free downloadable PDF of what my perfect day looks like, click the link!
Hint: You might be surprised at what my perfect day actually looks like…

The Paradise Pack Journal 003: SEO, Freelance & More Journals.

This week has been a fun week. What I’m starting to feel now is the beginnings of that momentum. You know that feeling when you’ve been peddling uphill for a long time, it plateaus out and becomes a lot easier and then you feel the tipping point. As the flat ground starts to change to downhill you feel the momentum starting to build, that’s where I feel I’m at right now.

I’m finding that whereas before I might have had to force myself to spend time thinking about my business, now I’m working on my blog without having to force myself. This is also allowing me to have more free time to work on other future projects. I’m focusing on my blog more than ever, I’m discussing with friends both at work and in my personal life about location independence. I’ve been chatting to my sister about blogging and she’s this week decided to set up her own blog; her passion is all about health and will be launching in the near future!

Examples of logos for <– in case any of you guys were wondering, I’d love for you to check it out once it goes live.


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Staying Motivated & Avoiding Distraction

Procrastination is the art of conformity. Society wants us to confirm, and social media, the internet, the news and people as a whole want us to live a ‘normal’ life. Facebook aims to distract us from real life problems, the news aims to distract us from the real issues we’d like to tackle in our life and politicians aim to distract us from everything whilst they line their pockets!

One of the challenges I’ve found coming into my progress with The Paradise Pack this week is the honeymoon effect coming to an end. Reality has started to take hold and I’ve felt myself take my foot off the gas. I need to make sure I keep the momentum of the first few weeks going, as I progress through the rest of The Paradise Pack.

This week I’ve had a few challenges thrust my way. Our good friend Heath Armstrong would call these challenges ‘Resistance Gremlins’ that are attacking me to try and distract me from my goals!

My week in a summary:

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Where to get started with Location Independence?

I'm the type of person that when I get a new idea or a new project I'm running at a million miles an hour straight      away. Getting stuck into projects and working really hard is where I'm always strongest, but the real question I always get stuck with is, where do I start?

Usually, it goes one of two ways.

Clarity – I find exactly what I’m after straight away and work towards it.

Insanity – I get so drawn into figuring out what I’m going to do, I get sidetracked with a million and one other problems.

So when I decided to buy the Paradise pack and take the first step towards this new challenge I had a decision to make.