So the last few weeks have been pretty manic. Amidst a busy period at my work (who doesn’t love working 7 days in a row, am I right?) as well as focusing on a website migration across to a self-hosted website as opposed to my current site, I’ve also been re-evaluating my blog since I’ve now been writing for the last 2 months!

(Unbelievable how time flies when you’re having fun!)

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My first every blog post, why I started blogging.

The early days…

Since as early as I could remember I always wanted to have my own business. I remember being around 6 when my parents ran a hotel and restaurant and I decided to set up a small table at the front of the restaurant with all of my Pokemon cards laid out. I ranked them in rarity and in popularity with different prices based on what I felt were the ‘going rate’. My parents joke about it now at family gathers but looking back, even then I knew what I wanted.

I knew back then the aim was to be successful. Sean, a boy at school, had managed to sell half of the cards he wasn’t using to a load of kids at the local farmers market and had gained legendary status at school for this reason! I wasn’t interested in the money, more the respect and admiration of the people around me.

Me, young in a swing
Maybe not from this young, not a bad head of hair though, right?

So… finished school, then what?

Jump forward 20 years and not much has changed. I left school with no ambition for universities and enrolled in a practical BTEC Course for Business (for those of you not familiar with BTEC’s which are 100% coursework with no exams; they are widely regarded as the ‘Posh Spice / Victoria Beckham’ of college education). Whilst studying in my first year I also started working in my first full time job at a local computer firm doing mostly retail sales that later evolved into taking charge of advertising, social media marketing, point of sale design and influencing all the sales team whilst still completing my college course on my day off (all for minimum wage I might add!).