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Understand how to grow your blogs traffic using Tim Wenger's advice, hire a copywriter for SEO. Tim uses his experience in the industry to explain how using a copywriter for seo will transform your traffic | Blogging for beginners | Improve blog traffic | SEO | Blog SEO | Blog Traffic Tips

For many of you, SEO – Search Engine Optimisation –  is so important to growing the traffic of your website but many of us struggle along and don’t realise the potentially epic transformation we can have on our traffic, not to mention the quality of our sites’ SEO, by writing great copy.

Luckily Tim Wenger, a top copywriter and blogger, is here to tell you all the exact reasons why using a copywriter for SEO will transform your traffic. Take it away Tim.

Why Using a Copywriter for SEO Will Transform Your Traffic

Great SEO starts in a website’s framework, but one of the best and most affordable ways to take it up a notch is through the consistent production of keyword-based, SEO-friendly content creation.

You’ve certainly heard this before. But why do so many people struggle with producing this content?

It’s funny to me that so many entrepreneurs say things like “I can’t write” or “I don’t have time to blog.” But then they turn around and make a claim about how their website needs to be more SEO-friendly. “Why don’t you hire a copywriter for SEO?” replies an inquiring soul.

Which is often followed by “I’d love to hire a copywriter, but…”

a) “I don’t know where to find a good one”

b) “I can’t afford it”

c) “I don’t trust anyone to create content in line with my vision”

As someone who is both an entrepreneur and a copywriter (I wanted to start a business in something, might as well be the one thing I’m good at, right?), I’m going to systematically disprove all three of these claims. Approaching all angles of your website is important, and I’d like to prove to you why you should hire a copywriter for SEO. 

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Note from Jamie: This is a guest post written by one of my good friends Meg. She has a ton of experience when it comes to Pinterest and after getting a lot of advice from her personally on how to improve my traffic using Pinterest, I asked her to compile a Pinterest guide for you guys. Nailing Pinterest is one of the fastest ways to grow traffic to your site and I know a lot of bloggers who have doubled and sometimes quadrupled the amount of traffic they are receiving after following tips the same as Meg is offering below.

I hope you get a ton of useful info out of today’s post and please get stuck into Pinterest and follow both myself and Meg on Pinterest and share your success with us directly!

Let’s Get Jobless Pinterest –

Meander With Meg Pinterest –

Enjoy the post! 

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Basics of SEO – What Is Backlinking & Why Do You Need It

What exactly is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the name that we give to the process of increasing your website’s ranking in a search engine.

The most important search engine to rank in across the internet is the almighty Google. When you search for a keyword, Google displays results that it considers to be authoritative and relevant.

So how exactly do you get Google to see your site as an authority? And how do you get Google to understand that your content is relevant? I will try to help you understand the answers to these questions throughout this blog post, but if you have any questions please let me know in the comments.

Got any requests for something specific you’re struggling with at the minute? Let me know in the comments and I’ll either help you directly or write a post on it.

I’ll be taking you through some of the basics of SEO in a few different articles to explain how, through the use of on-site optimisation and a backlinking strategy, you can get your website to rank higher in Google’s algorithm.

Why is SEO important?