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So the last few weeks have been pretty manic. Amidst a busy period at my work (who doesn’t love working 7 days in a row, am I right?) as well as focusing on a website migration across to a self-hosted website as opposed to my current site, I’ve also been re-evaluating my blog since I’ve now been writing for the last 2 months!

(Unbelievable how time flies when you’re having fun!)

So I thought I’d throw out a quick post to keep you all updated on what’s going on with me, what the plans are for the next month or so and also to re-evaluate the goals I set back in September and to see if I’ve accomplished the goals I’d set and to set up new goals! (I’d encourage anybody looking to set up their own business online to regularly set achievable short term goals so you can always be focusing on what direction you are going in with your business, as I’m sure many of you know it is very easy to get distracted (you can see some examples in my procrastination post; it’s good for a few laughs!)

This month’s agenda

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Travel plans!

Lucky lucky me is off on a holiday for a few weeks to the beautiful state of Texas to see some much-beloved travel friends and my very supportive and lovely first lady, Miss Emily. I’m looking forward to the break from work and I hope it’s going to give me some much-needed respite and also time to work on my blog. So from the 16th of this month, I’m flying direct from London Heathrow to Dallas to sample some of the local cuisine, experience some awesome culture and generally have an amazing time! I believe we’re also going to do a trip down to Austin to try out the food and nightlife. One of the things I’m looking forward to the most, however, is the festive holiday of Thanksgiving! I, Emily and her family are all flying across to San Francisco and staying in Palo Alto to experience a free for all family Thanksgiving (being a Brit I can’t help but feel I should be a little concerned!)

As well as that, we get to see the Bay Area, which I cannot wait! I’ve been advised to check out Alcatraz and to tour Pier 39. Have you guys got any more great suggestions of things to see whilst I’m in Dallas, Austin or San Francisco? Please let me know in the comments; I’d love to hear your suggestions! (I’m partial to food in every which way so restaurant or bar suggestions are always a positive!)

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Website migration

So after much research and consideration I’ve decided to up-sticks and move across to a self-hosted platform! I’ve read plenty of reviews on the benefits of both and and honestly, I wish I had considered these reviews before diving into blogging straight away, but I always say every mistake you made can be made a value and hopefully, for any of you guys reading this post before starting up your blogs you’ll see the value in going to a self-hosted platform instead of paying for both like I’ve done!

I’m going to be completing a blog post on how simple the migration service with Bluehost was and also all the different benefits I discovered with my research in a post which I’m hoping to write whilst I’m away in America, but you know how easily distracting holidays can be… If I don’t complete it whilst away, I’ll get it online for you all as soon as I’m back from my break.

I’m also going to setup a complete guide on setting up your own blog and give you all the full rundown of my research including the benefits of self-hosting instead of using a hosted platform. If you ever plan on monetizing your blog, going self-hosted is the way to go as many bloggers have reported once they had switched that’s when all of their income started to come in.

Refocus on Blog

I would recommend to any writer or blogger that it’s always worth reviewing your work. Stepping back and looking at the bigger picture of the writing and work you are doing can be hard but you should always be thinking about what’s best for your readers.

There’s a great blog audit on our friend Sean Ogle’s site over at, which I’d recommend reading and checking out. It’s a brilliantly written post that helps you evaluate your site and I would recommend referring to it at least once every few months.

Whilst migrating across to my new hosting I’ve also come to the conclusion that although I’ve had great feedback on my blog content, it can seem a little but sporadic and unfocused. So in this migration, I’m also going to look at setting up some categories for my site and refocus on what I’m giving to my readers. This, in turn, will also help me when it comes to optimizing my site for search engine traffic. I plan to do some keyword research into finding out what keywords I want my blog to rank for so I can start looking at improving traffic throughput to the site, while also improving the user experience so that content is easier to find.

I’m planning on doing a few posts on search engine optimization and techniques to get traffic to your site to grow your business. So once I’ve implemented a strategy that works for me I’ll share it with you lovely readers, and also let you know if I make any mistakes so you can avoid doing the same!

New Blog Goals

So in my post a few months ago The game plan on how to ‘Get Jobless’, I set myself a few goals. Let’s look through and see how I did, then let’s set myself some new goals going forward!

Previous Blog Goals

  • Research different aspects of making money online (Side hustles) ✓ 
  • Pick 2-3 different side hustles to largely focus on and research in more detail ✓

I looked at lots of different side hustles and researched sites and decided to focus my immediate energies on Matched Betting (I’ll blog more on this soon), Affiliate Marketing & SEO Writing.

  • Aim to make my first $50 in the first month from various different side hustles ✘

I failed on this task mainly I think through focusing on trying to get my site full of content first. I want to really add value to my site before I want to see a return on investment but a goal like this I think would still be good to hit maybe through matched betting.

  • Learn a few basics to HTML by taking an online class ✘

Once I realized how simple WordPress was to use I think I realized taking a class on HTML wasn’t actually necessary, only a bonus.

  • Update my blog’s about page and contact page ✓
  • Regularly post to my blog at least once a week ✘

Although I nearly completed this task I’ve had a few weeks where I’ve slipped and only posted once every other week, more focus needed!

  • Set up a social media platform through Twitter and Instagram to compliment my blog 
  • Create a logo for ‘Let’s Get Jobless’ ✓

I actually found setting up the logo very easy. I went through a website called Fiverr, which was a very straightforward process. I was setup with a logo within 24 hours and I made around 5 revisions until I was happy with the result. I would recommend using their site; it was quick and easy.


If you would like help setting up your own logo, please feel free to follow my Affiliate link to Fiverr which will give you $5 to use on your account.

New goals for November

I did a little research listening to a few different podcasts from Pat Flynn and realized when setting goals, I should really be focusing on SMART goals. 


One thing I did this month which really helped was to write out a plan for my blog using a mind-map. I used the free download of Xmind to do this on my Mac, but I’ve been told there are some other great tools available which I’m going to research this month. I found a mind-map helpful for me to put all of my ideas down into one easily digestible image (which I then printed and put on my noticeboard!)

Cropped plan for blog post.png


So here are my goals for the next month!

  • Write a blog post on the different aspects I discovered to make money online by the end of November.
  • Make my first £100 online by the end of November.
  • Regularly post to my blog once a week (and stick to it this time).
  • Successfully switch over to by the end of the month.
  • Research a set of new keywords to focus on and set a benchmark for where I want my blog to rank by the New Year (complete this by the start of December).
  • Write 4 new posts to reach 10 articles in total to my site by the end of November.
  • Implement a new blog theme.
  • Focus my blog on 3-4 categories I will write about.

What goals do you plan on implementing this month? Please let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, Peace!






Jamie is a freelance writer and sales coach who has over 10 years of experience in retail and sales. He is now taking his experience on the road and is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs achieve their potential.