I go into detail about my income for January including where I was spending all of my time.

Income Report January 2018 – Shifting Priorities & Record Blog Traffic

Income reports are so important for blogs. Many bloggers use income reports solely as a sales tool to help them show how awesome their techniques are for growing their income online. This, in turn, convinces the reader to use one of their affiliate links, purchase one of their courses or enter a sales funnel.

For me, an income report is so much more than just trying to ask you guys for money. My income reports are about reflection, sharing the truth about traveling around the world & crucially showing you what’s possible if you set your mind to it.

However, throughout this post, there will be a few affiliate links to products I use and recommend. If you choose to buy these products, I’ll receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Really it’s a win-win, but if you want more information, you can check out my privacy policy.

Check out the post below as I share all about my income in January, what projects I got up to and what went well and what didn’t, including some fun I had & some records we broke!


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Here’s What I’ll Cover in This Income Report

To give you guys a bit of an overview of what I’ll be covering in this blog post, let me run through exactly what I’m going to be talking about and sharing with you guys:

  • My Outlook for 2018 – I’ll share my thoughts heading into January 2018.  My priorities and focus are on a few different areas compared to 2017.
  • Income for January 2018 – I’ll share the nuts and bolts of the income report, what I earnt and how I did it.
  • Outgoings for January Including Travel Costs – I’ll include all of my expenses in January including my travel expenses in Thailand.
  • Achievements for January – I’ll be sharing some of my big wins for January. This was awesome to write as it seems my mind shift going into 2018 has paved the way for awesome results.
  • Goal Setting for February – I decided to set some goals going into February, here’s what I came up with.

Shifting Priorities and A New outlook for 2018

Coming into 2018 I had a bit of a revelation. I decided that for me 2018 was going to be about giving.  In 2017 the challenging part for me was finding something to focus on once I’d achieved my goal of leaving my job; I had attempted to focus on monetizing my blog. I decided that money was more important than giving value.

I decided to shift my focus on producing really high-quality content, even if it took longer to create. This means that my blogging schedule is a little behind from what I would usually aim for.

In January I managed to put out three purposeful blog posts:

I also put up a post about my 30-Day Instagram Challenge, but it was really just an introduction post to the challenge I would be posting in February.

Personally, I was happy to put out more in-depth, helpful content, and they got a lot more shares than my previous posts had.

Overall January felt like I was gaining momentum, and a lot of astonishing stuff happened which I share in the BIG WINS section of this post. Read on below to find out exactly what I got up to!

Let’s jump into the meat & bones of this article, those sweet sweet dollar bills.

Income for January 2018 | $1,061 | Here’s Where the Dollar Bills Came from

When it comes to the income I earned in January, the first part to tell you is, it was less than December.

It was less than December for a number of reasons:

  • I was focusing on writing higher-quality content for the blog.
  • I was investing a TON of time into Instagram courses for my 30-Day Instagram Challenge.
  • I grew my Instagram account from 578 followers to over 6000 followers, that sapped my time.
  • I was building and engaging with our Facebook group which now has over 200 people (You can join if you like).

With that all said and done, to still earn only $100 less than what I did in December for me was another BIG WIN!

The income came from a variety of different sources, just like in December.

Jobless Nation Note: One thing I am aiming to try and do as the year goes on is to create more than one income stream. I want to have one reasonably substantial extra stream of income by the end of the year. Don’t forget to hold me accountable and remind me of this later on gang!

Income Source #1 – Bluehost Passive Income $100

Bluehost ran a promotion sometime in December when I got this signup through one of my Pinterest pins. The usual price for someone signing up through my Bluehost affiliate link is $65. However, this one earned me a little more.

I use Bluehost personally for my blog and have always had a good experience with them. Personally, I love the support. They’re available both through a live chat and Twitter.

I’ve talked before about the benefits of using a proper self-hosted WordPress blog; I go into great detail in a post designed to walk you through the steps of how to set up your own blog.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, I’d recommend you try it out. It’s a low-cost hobby that has allowed me to leave my job, travel the world and create an amazing community to support me on my travels.

I thought I’d list some of the big benefits of using a self-hosted blog instead of a free alternative like Weebly or WordPress.com:

  • Using self-hosted WordPress is easy and can be set up in under 20 minutes.
  • There are no restrictions when you start to monetize your blog with self-hosted blogs.
  • You get a proper domain name for free, not ‘jamiedoesblogging.wordpress.com’ for example.
  • Self-hosted blogs simply look more professional.

Click here to setup your WordPress Blog

Income Source #2 – Freelance SEO Writing $531

My main source of income this month and also last month comes from my SEO writing. This month I wrote a total of 15 articles bringing in $531. This worked out to be only 4-5 hours a week of freelance writing a week; I wrote last month about wanting to free up more time to write more.

Actually, this month my focus has been mainly on the 30-Day Instagram Challenge, in which I’ve had managed to grow my Instagram account to over 7k followers.

My Instagram Growth.
If you want to learn to grow your following, join in the 30-Day Challenge for free.

What did that mean for my writing? I got by doing the bare minimum.

Having said that I still managed to generate a reasonable amount of income from my freelance writing which I was happy about.

Income Source #3 – Freelance Content Writing $430

This month I managed to get another content writing freelance job. I categorize this as ‘Content Writing’ instead of ‘SEO Writing’ because this job pays at a much higher per-word rate of $0.10 compared to my usual $0.035 per word I get for SEO writing jobs.

This article was a lot longer than previous articles I have written all about the in-depth techniques people use in Tinder including how to build a connection with any partner. It was a fun article to write and as I write more and more for TSB Mag, I aim to try and produce content that is less male-centric.

I’ve had criticism before from my female friends, and I’m trying to make sure that my articles reflect a female’s perspective and don’t just perceive women as prizes to acquire. I’ll keep working on developing this writing style as I try to teach males you don’t need to trick women, you just need to learn how to build genuine connections.

Outgoings for January | $2,350 | Everything Including My Travel Costs

Me and My sister Linzi at Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands
Me and My sister Linzi at Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands

January was an unusual month for costs for me. This month I shelled out on a lot of high expenses which I hadn’t planned for, but you know what. Who cares!

[clickToTweet tweet=”I’m traveling around the world living my life. If I want to shell out on a few expensive perks so be it.” quote=”I’m traveling around the world living my life. If I want to shell out on a few expensive perks so be it.” theme=”style3″]

I’ve broken down the outgoings into three categories: Business expenses, travel expenses and just for funsies expenses.

Jobless Nation Note: This month I had my sister fly over to Thailand, so I spent two weeks with her island hopping, vacation style. As you can imagine, it mounted up quickly!

Business Expenses – $495

As far as investing in myself as a business, this month was one of the first times I’ve seriously seen the benefit of investing in myself. I decided that to further myself and to grow my business I needed to expand and put myself out there.

I figured the more I learn and grow, the more I will earn in the long run. I’ve decided to employ patience.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Instead of the PlayStation I’d have bought last year, the money was going on something worthwhile, my future.” quote=”Instead of the PlayStation I’d have bought last year, the money was going on something worthwhile, my future.” theme=”style3″]

2018 Nomad Summit – $206

I kept putting off the sweet photographer with my terrible poses
I kept putting off the sweet photographer with my terrible poses

One of the best investments I’ve made this month was 100% in the Nomad Summit. I wrote a full review of the Nomad Summit detailing exactly what the Nomad Summit offered and what I got out of it.

In a nutshell, it gave me access to some incredible people and the networking is already paying off with a few guest posting opportunities lined up for the blog and an interview with a big site Co-Worker, exciting times!

Instagram training with an Instagram Influencer – $275

I decided that since I was going to be learning in January all about Instagram, I’d employ an Instagram Influencer. The cost for 30 days was a little over £600, but I managed to get a discount by doing cross-promotion work for her using my writing and sales experience. I also agreed to pay in 2x payments, one in December one at the end of January.

It’s from this training that I managed to figure out a technique to grow my following so rapidly. I share my techniques for free in my 30-day Instagram Challenge. However, there is no substitute for using a mentor.

If you are serious about growing your Instagram reach out to speak to Sara, she is amazing at what she does and has helped countless Instagram influencers start to make money online using Instagram marketing.

Apps purchased for Instagram – $14

As well as the expenses above I also invested in a few different apps for Instagram to help me focus on editing my pictures, scheduling posts and figuring out when to post.

Travel Expenses – $1126

I’ve split my travel expenses up this month as it’s not an exact reflection of how much it costs to travel in Thailand.

Overlooking the Phi Phi Island From the Lookout
Overlooking the Phi Phi Island From the Lookout, this shit’s not cheap!

Cost for Food/Accommodation/Travel $1067 – excluding Island Trip

To give you an idea of what I’ve been up to this month:

  • 1st January to 5th January – Back in Bangkok – Average cost per day $62
  • 6th January to 24th January – Chiang Mai – Average cost per day $36
  • 25th January to 6th February – Island hopping with my sister – Average cost per day $76

I’ve included the last week of costs in the ‘Just for Funsies’ section as me and my sister definitely lived extravagantly for the two weeks she was with me. Hotels aren’t exactly the budget traveler lifestyle!

$59 – Visa Extension

I knew I was going to be staying in Thailand until the start of March so I extended my Visa in Chiang Mai. The process was straightforward and only took a few hours, but it did cost me.

Just for Funsies Expenses – $729

When it comes to what ‘Just for Funsies’ includes its a lighthearted take on some of my big expenses for this month. In my opinion, these were totally worth it and I have the best memories to prove it!

Cost of hotel near the beach £25 per night, Cost of coconut £0.50p, View of the sunset, Priceless.
Cost of the hotel near the beach £25 per night. Cost of coconut £0.50p, View of the sunset, priceless.

Cost of Accommodation/Drinking/Fire Shows/Keeping Sister Happy for seven days – $491

If anybody tells you it’s expensive to have a girlfriend or wife while traveling obviously never traveled with a sister! Jokes aside, I’ve been planning to spend more time with my sister ever since she had some severe surgery last year. As she’s my half-sister throughout our whole lives, we have hardly spent more than 2-3 days with each other at a time.

That’s why it was so incredible to spend two weeks with just me and her. We had the best time, made some incredible memories and honestly I’ve never felt closer to her. Which for me is huge, as one of my goals of leaving to travel was actually to get closer to the people that mean the most to me.

Boy did we burn through some cash.

In the first week, we spent time in Phuket, Koh Phi Phi & Koh Lanta. Between countless lemonade & vodkas, fire shows & luxury hotels we definitely got our fair share of those holiday vibes.

$179 – Cost for flights, boats & transfers

As I was in the north of Thailand, I had to book a bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, followed by a flight from Bangkok to Phuket. Not to mention a particularly scary Grab Motorbike ride with both my backpacks on at the same time, madness!

We also had to pay for boats and transfers from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi & Koh Lanta.

$59 – Elephant Sanctuary

Totally worth it. I spent a full day white-water rafting, playing with elephants and trying out sugar cane for myself. If you plan to do any elephant sanctuary’s in Thailand make sure to do your research and only visit the ethical sanctuary’s that look after the elephants properly.

Please don’t do any of the elephant riding tours; else this will happen to you.

Elephants on patrol
Elephants on patrol, I got wet.

BIG Wins – Sharing My Achievements and Successes from January

One of my favorite parts of doing an income report is the reflection! Sharing with you guys some of my biggest wins every month is awesome. It’s also a good way for others who are growing their traffic and blogs to see what sort of milestones they could be aiming for.

Big win #1 – Record Month for Blog Traffic

It was a great feeling to 2X my traffic from my previous record. December 2017 was my biggest month to date with 2,118 pageviews and this month I managed to double that figure to 4,289 page views.

For many, this will seem like small-fry and not a huge success but more me and my blog this is a good sign. It was a sign to tell me, by focusing on great quality content instead of volume of content I saw much greater traffic results.

Imagine what will happen then when I commit to producing this great content but on a larger scale! I’m putting the majority of this success down to producing better content but also in my new strategy of using both Instagram and Reddit as sources of traffic.

Here are the figures I managed to achieve this month:

  • 4,289 Individual Page Views
  • 2,930 Sessions
  • 2,304 Users
  • 1.46 Average Pages Per Session
  • 01:40 Average Session Duration
  • Bounce Rate 76.42% 

Of the 2,930 Sessions here’s the breakdown of where all my traffic was coming from:

Social Media- 1,573 Sessions

As with previous months, the majority of my traffic is coming through social media sources; Facebook is still my biggest contributor as I share my blog posts in a number of different Facebook groups I’m involved with. I’m curious to see if I can expand the reach of these if I’m involved in more Facebook groups but honestly they are a big time drain.

  • Facebook 558 Sessions
  • Reddit 450 Sessions
  • Pinterest 303 Sessions
  • Instagram 238 Sessions
  • Twitter 15 Sessions
  • Linked-In 7 Sessions
  • Youtube 1 little Session.

Direct 1,162 Sessions

What does direct mean? Great question, I think what it means is when people either click a direct link such as within a forum post or a Reddit post & when someone searches directly for your website in the URL bar.

Of the 1,162 Sessions 650 were direct to the December income-report I posted to Reddit. So combined with the social shares that were nearly 1,000 sessions combined. The only thing to comment is that the bounce-rate for posts on Reddit is fairly high which is understandable.

People who are reading Reddit want to go back to Reddit after they’re finished reading.

Organic Search – 151 Sessions

Organic search is something that I need to focus on, especially considering that I write SEO focused content as my paid for job. Honestly, I haven’t put the time in to research what keywords I want to focus on for each article; I just focus on writing content that I find interesting.

One thing I will now start to do is optimize my posts for keywords and SEO.

Big Win #2 – Using Reddit as a Source of Traffic

my income report in December I posted to Reddit
Here is a post I released for my Income Report In December which got some pretty good traffic from Reddit.

As I mentioned above, one of the big wins for this month was figuring out a new source of traffic using Reddit. I’ve decided to write a full blog post outlining the full strategy I’ve been using to post on Reddit as it is notorious for tearing apart anybody trying to promote their own content.

I’ll link a post to that content once it goes live.

Big Win #3 – Guest Posts Featured on Two New Sites

This guest post all about the life of a digital nomad was a whole lot of fun to write.
This guest post all about the life of a digital nomad was a whole lot of fun to write.

This month I decided to work on my outreach a little more too. I partnered up with Sasha & Rachel from Gratefulgypsies to produce a guest post on ‘The day in the life of a Digital Nomad‘ & Ron from Red Pill Rebellion.

I’ve also done some great activities with other bloggers like Danny from Coddi Womp. As I continue to try to grow my sites traffic and domain authority, I will be reaching out to do more guest posting. Interested in posting on my page or want me to write some content for your blog? Send me a message!

Big Win #4 – Instagram 30-Day Challenge Success

Probably my biggest win this month was my success with the 30-day Instagram Challenge, at the time of writing this Report (March 2nd, don’t judge me, I’m behind!) I have finished the initial 30-days of the challenge and we are still taking on new people to start their own 30-day challenges.

I managed to grow my account by over 5,000 followers in the 30-days and today I sit at 7,700 followers, it’s been an incredible journey!


Statistics from social blade
Here is my Instagram growth via the socialblade.com website.


Reflecting on the Goals I set in January

In my Income Report in December I set some goals for January, let’s review and see if I managed to achieve these goals!

Goal #1 – Begin 30-Day Instagram Challenge | SUCCESS!

This was probably one of my biggest achievements to date! I set up a successfully executed on creating a 30-Day Instagram Challenge which you can still join now! This was the first time I’d taken Gary Vee’s advice and decided to take action and document instead of creating.

My account which had less than 200 followers right up until the start of January 2018 now sits at 7,700 followers. On top of that, the challenge has helped over 200 people create some incredible growth with many people 2X, 5X or even 10X their follower numbers in 30-days.

It feels amazing to give back to a community, and I plan to do more of these challenges going forward to help the Jobless Nation grow and achieve their dreams of running their own lifestyle business.

Goal #2 – Grow my Income in January to $1700 | FAIL!

When I initially set this goal, I didn’t realize how much time I would be dedicating to the 30-Day Instagram Challenge. I also didn’t consider that for 14 days I was going to be technically on holiday with Linzi.

Luckily, even with all the extra time spent on the challenge and being on holiday I still managed to achieve what I would consider a reasonable income for the time I put in.

I didn’t achieve the goal I set, but I still consider this one a win.

Goal #3 – Begin Experimenting with Dropshipping by 31st Jan | FAIL!

As we grow, goals shift. Right now I’m putting my plans of running a dropshipping store on hold as I focus on the idea of creating a service business.

Instead of focusing on learning a brand new skillset I’m going to double down on the skills I already possess. Sales has always been where my passion lies and helping people achieve their full potential is what I have been trying to achieve with Let’s Get Jobless and my other pursuits.

With that in mind, I plan to launch a business that helps coach people on how to sell their skillsets. So whether you’re a graphic designer, a florist or a traveling acrobat, I want to help teach you the skills to sell your services better.

More on this as I grow the idea from inception to fruition.

Let’s Set Some Goals for February, March!

At the time of writing this Income Report reflecting on January, I’m actually into my second day of March. So instead of setting a goal for the month that has already happened, I’m going to jump straight into some goals for March.

But that will be in the next income report…

If you want to keep up to date with all of my income reports as they come out, fill in the form below to get added to my mailing list!


Thank You so Much For Reading!

If you enjoyed this post, please head on down to the comments below and tell me what you enjoyed the most. I always love to hear back from you guys and I really appreciate as a community how active the Jobless Nation is.

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If you're interested in joining in my free 30-Day Blogging Bootcamp click the image above
If you’re interested in joining in my free 30-Day Blogging Bootcamp click the image above

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  1. Hey Jammie I am happy that you achieved some of your goals. By the way your blog is next to fluentin3months.com my favorite one

    • Jamie Atkinson Reply

      Thanks Oli, that’s so nice of you to say! I’m glad you enjoy it.

  2. I really enjoy reading these income reports. It’s such a nice snapshot of how you’re able to do what you do. Maybe I should start writing them on my blog since it is an actual corporation now! Woot! Thank you so much for including a screenshot of your guest post and a link. It really means so much. Question: Do you think the blogging challenge would be good for me? We’re super busy this next month visiting Bolivia and Peru on the Peru Hop bus. Then it’s back to the States to see family and friends before going back to Mexico. Grateful Gypsies is already at 5k unique visitors and 7k pageviews per month. How are you going to structure the challenge? Would the more advanced stuff come towards the end? I imagine I would be able to dedicate the time to it in the latter half.

    • Jamie Atkinson Reply

      Hey Rachel, you are correct the start of the challenge will probably be more focused towards helping people start out at the beginner steps. But I’d sign up anyway if you don’t mind skipping the emails that aren’t relevant to you.

      One thing you may get out of it alongside the content each day is a push to promote your content and also to be apart of an amazing community. Your experience will be helpful to other members and I can see it being a very supportive community no doubt with people sharing links to other members of the groups sites that are relevant.

      Worse case you ignore the emails that don’t matter to you, best case you learn something awesome along the way. Maybe me, you and a few other members who are at the higher end of the blogging field can do a little challenge within the Facebook group to see how we can grow.

  3. I always love reading other people’s income reports. I don’t even know why I find them so fascinating, but when I see one on a blog I’m browsing through, I have to click on them. Maybe it is because it is nice to see what other people can achieve. It makes me realise that I could do it, too.

    What I like most about your report are the big wins. Reading those was the highlight for me (besides you talking about travelling with your sister).

    I am already looking forward to your blog challenge! I can’t wait to hear more about it. Keep it up!

    • Jamie Atkinson Reply

      Hey Ilona, I’m so happy to hear that! When I craft these posts which are sometimes 4000 words I wonder whether people will see the benefit as it can sometimes feel like a post that you write for yourself rather than your audience.

      I can’t wait to have you along for the journey, where are you up to in your blogging journey?

      • I can definitely see the benefit from reading your income report. As I said, it is very encouraging to see what other people have achieved.

        I started my blog last autumn and focused a lot on content. And it’s only recently that I have started thinking about the best way to promote it. I had 128 page views in February, but am already up to 100 this month. My blog is still very small, so I am hoping that the blogging challenge will help me grow and take it to the next level.

        Do you have an exact time fram yet for when you’re going to start?

        • Jamie Atkinson Reply

          I’m so excited to help you grow Ilona! I’m thinking it’ll be in the next 2 weeks, but I’ll send an email to confirm nearer the time!

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