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Staying Motivated & Avoiding Distraction

Procrastination is the art of conformity. Society wants us to confirm, and social media, the internet, the news and people as a whole want us to live a ‘normal’ life. Facebook aims to distract us from real life problems, the news aims to distract us from the real issues we’d like to tackle in our life and politicians aim to distract us from everything whilst they line their pockets!

One of the challenges I’ve found coming into my progress with The Paradise Pack this week is the honeymoon effect coming to an end. Reality has started to take hold and I’ve felt myself take my foot off the gas. I need to make sure I keep the momentum of the first few weeks going, as I progress through the rest of The Paradise Pack.

This week I’ve had a few challenges thrust my way. Our good friend Heath Armstrong would call these challenges ‘Resistance Gremlins’ that are attacking me to try and distract me from my goals!

My week in a summary:

  • Me and the guys outside our house on the last day!

    Moved house from my 4 person house share – This was a particularly taxing task as I’m moving from a fairly large room to a much smaller room in my new 7 person house share, so most of the week involved me selling or throwing away a multitude of things (minimising is a real win for me, as its one of my main goals I’ve set myself within my Sweet Ass Journal.)

  • Threw a leaving party both Friday and Saturday for our house – We had a particularly fantastic BBQ-turned-party, with loud music blasting until 4 am (sorry neighbours!) on Friday, then spent the day at Canon Hill Park Foodies Festival in Birmingham on Saturday. Honestly, this was a massive highlight for my week but not particularly proud of waking up at 9 am and being handed a bottle of beer, it was fun though.
  • Had a close friend visit from Germany and hosted her for a week – This was another huge win for me as I haven’t seen Kiani in well over a month since meeting her in Budapest and it was great to have a lady to come home to who would cook me dinner and who my housemates fell in love with (good old Aussie charms hey?). Having said that though it was a real test for me as to how well I’d work on my blog whilst having good company and events happening, similar to what it’ll be like when I’m traveling. (Safe to say, on this front, I think it didn’t go to plan!) But it’s a great learning point for me, knowing that I need to set myself non-negotiable time to work on my blog.
  • Received a demotion at work after expressing concerns about my job – This has been a difficult one for me as it’s given me a lot of opportunities to think negatively about my current situation. What I’ve tried to do (somewhat successfully) is consider this as the universe’s way of telling me, it’s time for a change! I’m now more than ever focusing my efforts into reaching my freedom goals of pursuing travel and location independence and focusing on my blog and The Paradise Pack.
Me and the guys getting rowdy at The Cannon Hill Park Foodies Festival

Staying Motivated

Positivity is the key

I’ve focused on investing my time in The Paradise Pack Facebook group and surrounding myself with positive people. I’ve spoken to family members and friends a lot who are in or have been in similar situations to myself. I’ve also been describing what’s been happening to me this week with my job in a positive light to my friends.

I decided I could describe what happened in two ways:

  1. I’ve been demoted from work by the area manager after having an argument with him.
  2. I’ve been offered a less stressful role at work which I’m happy with as it gives me more time to focus on what’s really important in my life, my blog, my friends & my family.
Positive option number 2 was my preferred aproach!

Other ways I’ve stayed motivated

I’ve also started a second course this week alongside Heath Armstrong’s The Sweet Ass Journal. I’ve taken the plunge into Sean Ogle’s The Complete Beginners Guide to Starting A Lifestyle Business. I’m currently up to Chapter 3 in the course and so far I’ve explored through the course a few great points:

  • The first chapter I gained a better understanding of what a Lifestyle Business is and discovered what type of archetype of lifestyle entrepreneur I would be. I decided that the archetype that best fit me was a backpacker.
  • In the second chapter, Sean went through a simple three-step framework for starting off my lifestyle business. What I’ve decided to do from this is to brush up on my relevant skills so they are second nature to me. To accomplish this I’m spending a day in an office with one of my close friends Kevin Redfern who runs a successful digital marketing agency to learn more about SEO, and I’m using Heath’s new 100-day habit tracker to get into the practice of writing at least 500 words every day!
  • I’m also going to focus on creating a freelance site specific to what I will be doing whilst traveling and although I’ll still be working on my blog, creating a focus on getting work straight away to fund my travels.
  • Chapter 3 of the guide focuses on me thinking about my future, and deciding what I wanted out of it. I’ve decided that for next week’s blog post, I’m going to share this with you guys.

Me and the housemates with Sue, the director of the foodies festival

Content for next week’s post

After finding this week challenging for motivation and distractions I’ve decided to commit to completing a few tasks ready for next week’s blog:

  • I’m going to share with you a vision for the future that I’ve set myself from Sean’s guide. This will be a detailed vision including what type of work I want to be doing, what I want my relationships with both friends and peers to be like and also what experiences I’d like to have on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  • I’m going to commit to starting the 100-day tracker and let you know on my progress through this.
  • I’ll continue updating my journal on a daily basis.
  • I’ll try to complete the rest of Sean’s course and see if I can share some of my learnings from it with you guys.
  • Another thing I’d like to try to do is to start a new course! (I’d love to start Jacob Sokol’s ‘I kinda wanna be a coach’ not to be mistaken with the other similarly worded guide, ‘I kinda wanna be a couch’ the practical guide to becoming a sofa)
Let me know in the comments…

How have you guys got on this week with progress through The Paradise Pack? I know after a few weeks we can all start to run into motivation blocks so please share below some of your wins, some of your challenges and also how far you guys have made it through your courses and what you’re planning to start next week.

Until the next one!

Stay classy.






Jamie is a freelance writer and sales coach who has over 10 years of experience in retail and sales. He is now taking his experience on the road and is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs achieve their potential.


  1. Hey Jamie! Yet another thoughtful and well written post. Has made me look forward even more to stating Sean’s course! Don’t be too hard on yourself the important thing is that you set a sustainable pace that you can keep going! This a marathon but you are doing an amazing job so keep going! 🙂

    • Thanks Elle, yes I can’t wait to keep working through Sean’s course! I thought I’d document my challenges this week rather than gloss over them, as it has been pretty hard going!

  2. LOL just a short one now: “I sorta wanna be a couch” would be a course RIGHT down my alley 😀 ROFL
    Alix (which is actually Alex, that name was unfortunately already taken in FB so I had to deviate 😉 )

  3. Busy busy week Jamie – good on ya – keep the momentum going ?

  4. Another good read Jamie. Love how you’ve taken a setback and converted it into an opportunity. Just reading your blogs fills me with more motivation and do better. Smash those Resistance Gremlins and stay classy.

  5. Another great post from you! Embarrassed to say that I have only looked at a couple of courses in the pack and haven’t really started. Will use traveling as an excuse but it’s not really a good enough one. I think your work situation is definitely a sign ?

    • It’s ok Melissa, I’ve only looked at a few courses in the pack! Everybody takes these things at different paces, just keep focused and remember consistency is key. If you make just a small amount of progress in your own mind everyday and remind yourself of the goals your working towards, you will surely succeed.

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