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The Paradise Pack Journal – New Site Launch & Travel Plans

Welcome guys to my 4th installment of The Paradise Pack Journal.

I’m so happy that you’re here! 

I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown and how it’s been over a month since I started blogging about my progress through The Paradise Pack. E ven though I feel like I’ve made some real progress, there is still so much more that I feel like I need to complete.

If you haven’t read last week’s post The Paradise Pack Journal: 003, I spoke about what my perfect day looks like. I also explored through Sean Ogle’s course what I wanted out of life and created a mind-map putting this into a visual chart. The last entry also gave me the chance to share my new bullet journal and how I planned to use it in the future.

So what’s happened this week?

I’ve started planning for September and my departure from ‘normal’ life and making location independence a reality. I’ve also started to launch a brand new website to accompany Let’s Get Jobless!!

Travel Planning

I’ve been hard at work this week planning for the future. I’ve been looking at all the places that I’d love to visit and tried to decide on a fairly loose timeline. This way I can try to plan in all the countries that I want to visit. My plans for traveling are a little bit different to what my friends have done in the past, I wanted to focus on a few things:

  • Traveling slowlyI’ve decided to try and do a slower form of traveling. I know that traveling fast will have me loving every second but having very little time to focus on my business. Planning for this has been a little more difficult than I anticipated because I want to visit so many different countries. Slow traveling seems to be the perfect solution to this problem so that I can still see different countries. It will also help by freeing up myself time in the middle so I can focus on my business.
  • Trying to fit in as much of Europe as possible whilst keeping costs low and still seeing Asia – This is a sacrifice I wish I didn’t have to make. As I’m leaving towards the end of September I’m allocating myself around 2 months to spend time in Europe. There are a few reasons for this; firstly I’ve only ever traveled in Europe in the past so feel like I’ve seen a lot of it and want to spend more time in Asia. Secondly, I hear that November is the perfect time to fly to Thailand as costs of flights are relatively low and that is when the seasons are starting to change, i.e summer is coming in Thailand.
  • Focusing on my business whilst also enjoying the travel experience – What I’m trying to avoid is spending all my time enjoying myself and not growing a business, but on the flip side I don’t want to be traveling around the world seeing beautiful locations and not enjoying it because I’m focusing completely on my business. I’ve got to keep my travel plans flexible so that I can enjoy the best of both.


hitch hike through europe
This will be me trying to hitch-hike through Europe

So far I’ve come up with this very loose plan of countries that I want to visit, including what activities I’d like to get up to:

1. September 25th – Fly to Stuttgart, Germany and meet up with good friend Julia (cracking German lady I first met in Budapest)
2.Sep 25th until 2nd October – Drive with Julia/Peter/Kiani around Germany hitting other great locations, potentially seeing Austria and ending in Munich for Oktoberfest.
3.October for 2 weeks – Get from Munich somehow to Portugal and chill in some hostels for a few weeks, enjoying the sun and good vibes and working on my freelance business whilst also building up my blog content in that time to get ahead of my post schedule.
4. Last two weeks of October – Get from Portugal to Poland for a few days to enjoy the delights of Greg and Tom’s Party Hostel, of which I’ve heard some amazing reviews. After a few days here I’d like to visit a few other cities but I’m going to decide nearer the time, so will leave around 2 weeks open to pick and choose where I want to go.
5. 8th November for 2 weeks – I want to make my way across toCroatia and enjoy the sun and sites, definitely would love to go to Dubrovnik in this time as I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan. I also want to play this by ear as I’d love to be able to travel on recommendations. I’ve been told Hvar is beautiful but I want to again focus some time on my business as I think the 3 weeks before this may have been a little crazier than normal.
6. 22nd November onwards – Depending on what date I can get the cheapest flights, I’m going to fly into Thailand. I might also find that I don’t necessarily fly into Bangkok but it’d be great if that was reasonably priced so that I can work my way down from there over the next few months. Once I have a bit firmer travel plans I’ll share with you guys in a separate post about exactly what the plan is.

picture of me at Oktoberfest in Munich
Looking forward to returning to Oktoberfest in Munich after two years!

What’s this new site launch all about?

This week within The Paradise Pack I’ve been working through Sean Ogle’s course in much more detail and I’m now up to Chapter 9. The site launch I’m talking about here is my site dedicated to my freelance work which will be going live in the next few weeks building up to September. This will be a lot of fun to launch as I can take all of the things that I have learned from launching Let’s Get Jobless and put them into practice. I’m curious if any of you guys reading have launched a separate site dedicated to freelance work.

If you’ve launched a separate site dedicated to freelance work, please let me know in the comments.
(I’d love to hear what your chosen freelance skill is and what your challenges were when launching)

What type of freelancing am I offering?

I’ve decided that since I’m going to focus on freelance writing and coaching I should keep my website URL fairly non-committal to either two in case one type of work takes off more than the other. I decided to go with the domain (the website isn’t live yet, I’ll let you guys know when its ready so I can get your feedback).

Whilst working through Sean’s course there were a number of options I could have taken, but I decided the two areas in which I am the strongest, and that I could work on straight away are freelance writing and coaching.

FREE DOWNLOAD: There are some other great skills that you can freelance as well.
I’ve included a free downloadable PDF with this blog post including the top 5 skills you can freelance to earn an income online.
HINT: There are a couple of skills I didn’t even realize that you could freelance!

Check it out here.

Graphic design

Freelance Writing

There are 3 main types of freelance writing in which you can do:

  • SEO Writing
  • Content Writing
  • Copywriting

In the first few weeks, I’m going to focus my efforts on SEO Writing as this is one of the easiest types of writing to start straight away. Articles are usually 300-500 words long for this and the main reasoning behind people hiring you to SEO write is to drive more links to their chosen website. These articles are usually not read by people and are mainly used to boost Google rankings for websites. It’s not sexy work but it will allow me to build up a good habit of daily writing and will pay me some immediate money with each article paying between $5-$25 dollars on average.

Once I’ve established a way of making income from freelance SEO writing I will move my efforts onto content writing which can be a lot more lucrative. Content writing usually has a much higher demand for quality content and with this comes increased reward (depending on the content you are producing).

Here are some examples of types of content writing:

  • Blog writing
  • Ghost writing (this is where you write content for somebody but they take the credit for the writing, after paying you)
  • Business content (for small businesses or start-ups)
  • Periodicals and publications (think local newspaper that’s now writing a blog online but needs content writers)
  • E-books (produce the content for somebody else’s great idea and get paid in the process)
  • Lead Magnets (creating mini books + guides 5-10 pages long)
  • Case Studies (telling stories in engaging ways for students or professionals)

The other reason that I’d love to be able to move onto content writing is that it’s a much more reliable source of work, as you are often able to get retainer work if you do a good job i.e. somebody will ask you once a week or once a month to write content for them.


Although not something that I will be looking to freelance immediately, coaching is one of my passions in my current job. I love being able to help somebody achieve great results as it fills me personally with a great sense of achievement. What I hope to be able to do alongside my freelance writing is to be able to create a course designed to help people grow in different areas. I plan to offer one to one coaching to people in location independent professions to help them use sales and relationship building techniques to grow their own business.

The main areas I’d love to be able to coach people on are:

  • Following their dreams and realizing how achievable they can be
  • Helping people understand how to motivate and lead their team to get the best results
  • Understanding the importance of building relationships and how it flows into everything we do
  • How there’s sales in everything we touch, and how understanding sales can help them grow their own business

I’m absolutely dying to start the course on ‘How to be a coach’ but I want to finish Sean Ogle’s course before diving into a fresh project. (I’m trying to be a single-tasker nowadays instead of a multi-tasker so I get tasks done; I have a bad habit of starting something and never finishing it!)

I’d love to hear from any of you that have experience in coaching or freelance writing. Is there any advice in which you could share with me and other readers on the best way to get started and also the pitfalls that you can get caught out on when first starting?

Stay classy!






Jamie is a freelance writer and sales coach who has over 10 years of experience in retail and sales. He is now taking his experience on the road and is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs achieve their potential.


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