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‘Let’s Get Jobless’ is all helping you to grow your own remote business, let’s explore what that’s all about…

My name is Jamie and I created this blog as a way for me to leave my old work life behind and grow a  lifestyle business that I can run remotely from anywhere in the world. A year into the blog I successfully left my job, sold all my belongings and packed my life into a 40Litre backpack and hit the road.

Now, this blog is focused on helping others realise their own travel dreams and I want to help as many people as possible leave a mundane life behind in exchange for a kickass life.

If you have a desire to set up your own blog, lifestyle business, or remote business online, then this page is for you.

My aim is to help as many individuals as possible realise their personal goals as they build a business around a lifestyle, rather than the other way round.

My belief is simple

  • By offering you the right level of support
  • honestly sharing my own experiences
  • and working hard, we can learn and grow together.

That’s what ‘Let’s Get Jobless’ and I are all about.

What is a Lifestyle Business / Remote Business?

(Learn about what a lifestyle business is in this post here)
In my experience, what most internet entrepreneurs are looking for online is:

  • A business that allows flexibility for its founder with a primary aim of sustaining a particular level of income or to provide a foundation to enjoy a particular lifestyle.
  • A business that can be run from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an internet connection.

I wanted to set up a remote business for a number of reasons
(read more about it in my first blog post)

Primarily, I wanted to get away from the ‘rat-race’ that we pursue in business in the UK.

I always worked towards a never-ending goal of more money, career progression, and trying to get to the next step (whatever that may be), but as I achieved such goals, I was never actually that happy with the end result. My attention was focused on achievement, rather than fulfilment.

In other words, I became more interested in the goal than the journey.
But it’s the journey that’s supposed to be the fun bit, right?

So, I decided to start this blog! If you have not started a blog yet, whatever your goals are, I would highly recommend doing so! Starting a blog can give you a sense of focus on and hold you accountable to your personal and professional goals.

If you are unsure what you want yours to be about, try setting yourself a list of short-term SMART Goals.
Want to know how to set SMART Goals? Check out this post here.

SMART goals are amazing at keeping you focused and when you first start out your blog, most will start it in their spare time at home. For 9 awesome tips on staying focused from home click here.

Getting started!

To dive right in and get started, I recommend checking out a few of the posts below. Feel free to comment and get involved sharing your ideas and goals, to tell us what you are working towards, or to even just say hi!