Income Report



I go into detail about my income for January including where I was spending all of my time.

Income Report January 2018 – Shifting Priorities & Record Blog Traffic

Income reports are so important for blogs. Many bloggers use income reports solely as a sales tool to help them show how awesome their techniques are for growing their income online. This, in turn, convinces the reader to use one of their affiliate links, purchase one of their courses or enter a sales funnel.

For me, an income report is so much more than just trying to ask you guys for money. My income reports are about reflection, sharing the truth about traveling around the world & crucially showing you what’s possible if you set your mind to it.

Learn how I made $1167 in December by freelance writing and using affiliate marketing on my blog. Blogging for business and earning money online is actually a lot easier than I realised.

Income Report – How I Made $1167 Blogging in December 2017


  • Started earning traffic driven affiliate sales
  • Freelance writing really taking off after just 6 weeks
  • Learnt a lot about the digital marketing landscape

I’ve been meaning to do an income report for such a long time. I think an income report is CRUCIAL for bloggers for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, It’s incredibly motivating for myself to show you guys exactly what I’m earning while living the digital nomad lifestyle and running a lifestyle business.