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So you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re interested in money, or more specifically that coveted question, how do bloggers make money? That’s ok, it’s not something everybody always wants to shout out about.

To help your blog grow, this article will help you understand the 7 blog niche ideas that will make money online for you and your blog and bring in lots of traffic to your blog.

Blog Niche Ideas: How to Choose the Right Blogging Niche

Almost every blogger who has started a new blog will have made this mistake…

You spend months researching blog ideas that you think are going to change the world. You work hard producing content for the blog, and the day comes to release your work to the world and guess what you’re faced with?


Yep, turns out nobody really wanted to read a blog about ‘The creative uses of chocolate sauce’, mad right? The truth is some blog ideas you come up with are going to turn out about as brilliant as a chocolate teapot.

It doesn’t just happen with the obviously bad ideas either, it can happen with those ideas which are really well thought out and feel like a sure fire thing. The goods news is there is a solution to avoid these problems completely, as long as you are ready to take action.

When you’re finished you’ll not only have some of the best blog post ideas since Columbo started his own WordPress blog, you’ll also know if your blog niche is going to sink or swim.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Step 1 – Understand What Makes a Blog Idea Brilliant

Before we can dive into helping you figure out what the perfect niche is for you and your blog, you first need to figure out what makes a blog niche so brilliant.

You see picking a niche for your blog isn’t just a case of thinking off the top of your head what you think will work. It’s about understanding and researching what is popular.

Blog Niche Ideas

Define The Purpose of Your Blog

Before you select your perfect niche, instead of thinking about what you are blogging about, think about why you are blogging.

What is your blogging mission?

  • Are you looking to make money blogging by earning a side-income
  • Are you hoping to fully replace your income with a blog
  • Are you just pursuing blogging for fun

Chances are if you’re reading this article, you’re not just blogging for fun, otherwise, you’d just be writing about whatever came into your head. No, you’re reading this article because you want your blog idea to be a success.

Now that we have established why you are blogging in the first place, it’s time to come up with the perfect blog niche idea.

Why Picking the Right Blog Niche Is Crucial to Your Success

When it comes to blogging successfully for money, you may already know that picking the right blog niche is an important step in the process. But you may not understand exactly why the right idea for your blog is so important.

When it comes to making money from blogging you have two ways you can go about it:

  1. Convert very highly on a small number of users
  2. Drive a lot of traffic to your site
Blog niche ideas which have lots of traffic make you money online
Blog niche ideas which have lots of traffic make you money online

While it may seem like a great idea to start blogging about your hobby for knitted vests for elderly people, unless there is an audience for your market you may have fallen for the common mistake of niching down to hard. The trouble you’ll find is you just simply don’t have enough traffic to make any significant money.

Selecting the right blog idea is important because the wrong idea could have a very small audience, the right idea could have a huge audience. The bigger the audience, the more potential traffic you could see.

Dispelling Some False Truths

If you’ve been researching how to pick a blog niche online you’ve probably come across these common sayings. These are often taken as gospel truth and if you don’t take warning you can be deemed an idiot or worse a newbie.

Here are some of the things you’ll hear:

The only way to be successful is to niche down, and then to niche down even further.

There are a number of people who have success with ultra unique niches, and it’s not terrible advice to give as this will help you to find a very specific audience to engage with. But is it absolutely necessary? Absolutely NOT.

Take a look at a blog like Chasing Foxes, yes it’s a huge site with over a million page views a month, but can you find a particular niche? Nope. What Chasing Foxes did (which was pretty smart) was write an absolute shit ton of listacle posts and how to posts, promoted them to hell through Pinterest and within a fairly short space of time, they have a hugely successful blog.

Chasing Foxes blog niche covers a wide range of popular topics and blog niche ideas
Chasing Foxes blog niche covers a wide range of popular topics and blog niche ideas

You need to pick something you’re passionate about when you pick your niche.

Again, not really. When you look back at the reasons for starting a blog there are only two reasons:

  1. You want to help people do something. That’s the ‘why’ that makes you feel good, the one you tell your grandma and ex-work colleagues about how you’re changing the world.
  2. You want to make money. Not just a little bit, like a truck-full of cash.

The thing you’ll find hard is making both 1 and 2 on that list work together. So how do people do it?

People get real passionate, real quick when you start to make a lot of money.

So how do you find out where all the money is?

The Profit Is in the Popularity

Instead of starting from scratch and testing the waters to see what’s popular, you should first try and understand the way blogging works.

Page views = Popularity

The more popular a topic is, the more people will view posts about it and the more traffic that page will get.

You get the most page views from popular topics people are searching for online.
You get the most page views from popular topics people are searching for online.

The profit is in the popularity – Ryan Reynolds

Just kidding, Mr. Reynolds didn’t actually say that, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. If you want to find out what the best blog ideas are, you need to find your audience.

If you know how to promote your blog posts in the right way, you will have no problem cutting through the masses of other bloggers out there and taking a slice of the pie for yourself.

After all, it’s better to take 1% of a 10 million dollar pie than 10% of a 1000 dollar pie.

So how do you get a slice of that sweet sweet pie?

Step 2 – Understanding What People Want

After finishing section one you should have a base understanding of what makes blog niches popular:

  • Having a clear purpose
  • Targeting a large enough audience
  • That a super-specific-niche isn’t the only way to success
  • The more popular your topic, the more profitable it can be

Now that you know what a good blog idea looks like, In step two we are going to delve deeper into understanding more about what people look for when reading blog posts.

We will then look to see how we can fit your blog around that idea.

Why Following Your Passion May Not Be the Best Advice

One of the biggest pieces of advice you’ll hear from people is to follow your passion. It seems to be something that people who:

  1. Aren’t successful bloggers – They will tell you to blog about your passions even though they may have under 100 views a month doing just that
  2. Are super successful bloggers – They may tell you the same thing but aren’t telling you the real truth; that there are really only a few niches that you can make a good living from while blogging

Now that second point might be controversial, for the record I do think it’s possible to make money from any niche, however, it’s been proven that some niches are A TON easier to build up an audience and make a living with than others.

Why do super successful bloggers want to make it seem super easy to grow a blog of any idea into a successful blog that you can make $1000’s from every month? Because they are selling you the idea, they make money from you signing up for your own blog, just like me, except I try and be a little more honest.

Find a Problem and Make Your Blog the Answer

One of the best ways to look at your blog and your business is to make your blog the answer to a question.

For example, you may find that one of your blog ideas was about fitness. What kind of problems do people encounter that they may look to a blog for an answer related to fitness?

  • How to lose weight
  • How to get rid of pain
  • How to get fit on a budget

There are a TON of different questions that people are going to be asking about fitness, it’s one of the biggest niches out there. Understanding what people want and finding their problems is one of the best ways to figure out what content you are going to deliver to your audience.

How do you find out about what problems people are searching for and what’s popular? More on that in step 5, keep on reading.

After discussing this with a lot of people, the next heading is probably one of the biggest questions that I get asked.

Step 3 – The Most Popular Blog Niche Ideas For Traffic

So at this point, you can probably point out a blog to me that has done well in the niche that you have been considering up until this point when I turned your idea on its head.

The question you want to ask yourself is: Is that blog the exception, or the norm?

Big blog niche ideas can beat smaller niche blogs due to a wider audience and more popular topics.

It’s also important to remember that when you look at other people’s blogs or websites, you often are looking at a finished product. How long did it take them to get to that stage? You may be trying to replicate something that took them three to five years to create.

Remember not to be too romantic about the idea of your blog. You can ignore all of the how to make money blogging posts and focus on pursuing your blog about wildlife trails in Denmark because you know it’s something the world will need.

You can totally go for that, someone else will just do something more obvious and make the money that they want out of their blog.

So in no particular order, here are seven of the most popular blog niche ideas that get crazy traffic and can make you some cold hard cash.

#1 – How to Make Money

If this isn’t the most obvious blogging niche for making money out there I don’t know what is. Many beginner bloggers will ask themselves this question.

Do I need to start a blog on making money, to actually make any money? – Every new blogger.

It’s a killer question, and you’ll find the internet and Pinterest awash with bloggers who are claiming to teach others how to make money blogging. They’ll often tell you that it’s possible with any blog niche yet they themselves only run a ‘how to make money’ blog.

people claim to be experts all the time. Remember, transparency is key.
people claim to be experts all the time. Remember, transparency is key.

As you’ll see from the rest of this list, it’s not the only niche that you can make money blogging from. What makes it appealing to so many people is it can be one of the easiest ways, providing you can show you are making money yourself.

This type of blog leverages social proof and often will use income reports to show people what is possible.

The biggest problem with bloggers who’s blog ideas are focused on how to make money is they go about it in completely the wrong way. They pretend to know all the answers of how to blog, without having done it themselves.

Here’s the thing, people aren’t stupid.

If you try to launch a blog like this and don’t know what you’re talking about, people just aren’t going to buy into your blog or your products. That’s why so many people are posting fake income reports online, claiming crazy high numbers of income, to try and fool people.

The thing is, that just doesn’t work. Not to mention it’s unethical as hell.

So as a brand new blogger should you avoid this niche all together? HELL NO. You can still go into this niche, that’s what I did!

What you want to do if you choose to create a blog around the how to make money niche is to document your progress and be open and honest with people from day one. Tell them what works, what doesn’t work and everything in-between.

If I could turn the clock back and do it differently would I choose a different niche? Yes, I think I would. I’d focus on something like personal finance or lifestyle, more on those in a minute.


  • Easy to monetize
  • A huge market as most people start blogs to make money
  • Blogging is constantly changing and growing so new ideas can always be well received


  • Hard to make successful if you’ve never blogged before
  • Other niches may get traction quicker and more easily
  • Can be hard to stand out without making a lot of money

Blogs Who Operate Within This Niche

#2 – Personal Finance

This niche is usually a strong companion as far as blog ideas go if you want to create a ‘how to make money’ blog but don’t know where to start. A lot of personal finance sites focus on frugal living and saving money.

This approach to helping others to both save money and make money can tie in neatly with making money from blogging. You can also focus on topics like investing or side hustles both online and in the real world.

You only have to look at sites like Making Sense Of Cents to see that you can do both. Michelle who runs the site makes the bulk of her money from Bluehost referrals and her affiliate marketing course.

Michelle is perhaps the hottest name in personal finance blogging.
Michelle is perhaps the hottest name in personal finance blogging.

The best idea and strategy for this kind of niche is to throw a wide net around our audience. Both frugal living and making money can tie together nicely and bring back an audience to your blog. Sites can vary from savvy investing tips to coupon cutting frugal living blogs.


  • Ties in closely to a ‘how to make money’ blog
  • Don’t have to show ‘proof’ of making money to be successful
  • A huge audience of people at your disposal
  • Unlike the first option, you can research many money saving techniques and get them correct online


  • If it’s not something you’re passionate about, you’ll get bored FAST
  • You have to be careful about giving financial advice

Blogs Who Operate Within This Niche

#3 – Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness can be one of the best blog ideas for traffic out there, however, if you don’t know how to monetize that traffic, things can get a little tricky.

There’s nothing fun about getting 50,000 monthly website hits and making little to no money.

Jobless Nation Note: Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize a health and fitness blog. Amazon affiliate links to relevant products through posts can be a great way to help your user solve their problems.

You’ll find that there are a ton of these blogs throughout the internet that are run by big teams of people or fitness trainers. One of the best things about this niche is that it is very versatile.

Yoga health and fitness blog
Focusing on a niche topic in your blog like yoga can be a great idea, but don’t limit your overall blog to just that topic. You might find another topic takes off in popularity.

You can cross over between other topics and niches with relative ease. For example, you could run a site based about your lifestyle at home, within that you could talk about dieting, yoga, and nutrition (health and fitness) and then also talk about home decor topics.

As with a lot of different types of articles that you will write, it can be best to target your particular niche by completing listicle articles. That’s articles that are comprised of lists.

Especially in the Health and Fitness niche, these work particularly well.


  • Huge Audience
  • A wide variety of topics you can delve into
  • Most of these sites look to solve problems, this makes writing content easier
  • With no experience, it can seem daunting
  • Can be hard to stand out when there is such a big audience

Blogs Who Operate Within This Niche

#4 – Food

Food blogging is well known for being very difficult to make money from. You should know already that primarily your audience is looking for free recipes and it can be difficult to get money out of these type of blogs.

The approach most people use when food blogging is to build up as large an audience as possible and use ads to bolster your income. Many bloggers combine food blogs with other niches to reach a wider audience.

This can mean bringing in higher levels of traffic and then making money out of the other types of posts that they target, instead of the food-based posts.

Deliciously Ella is a UK food blogger who built her site up around food blogging, but has now expanded into other areas.
Deliciously Ella is a UK food blogger who built her site up around food blogging, but has now expanded into other areas.

If you can successfully launch a food blog that gets high levels of traffic you can use that as a springboard to launch a ‘how to make money’ blog, or even a ‘how to start a food blog’ site.


  • Large audience
  • Very Pinterest friendly content
  • High re-share rates and traffic can be easy to acquire
  • Is very easy to write listicle posts for and grow a user base


  • Very difficult to monetize
  • Ad revenue is very minimal until you hit at least 25,000 page views a month (expect to hit around $400-$800 at those kinds of page views, depending on which ad company you go with)

Blogs Who Operate Within This Niche

#5 – Beauty & Fashion

The majority of uber-successful beauty and fashion blogs you will find online are typically hitting up YouTube as their primary source of an audience. To grow one of these blogs can be the holy grail of blogging as not only can it provide you great income but also access to exclusive events.

The issue is, this niche is incredibly TOUGH to break into. The other niches will mostly rely on great written content, quality pin creation and a good head for promoting your posts through Pinterest marketing.

Your success (and failure) of your beauty blog can instead come down to your personality and how much you put yourself out into the world. That’s what makes it one of the hardest blog ideas to master.

If you can break into the niche, a fashion blog can make you almost a celebrity. Jules got an all expenses trip to Coachella thanks to her partnership with Levi Jeans.
If you can break into the niche, a fashion blog can make you almost a celebrity. Jules got an all expenses trip to Coachella thanks to her partnership with Levi Jeans.

Instagram is also a great marketing tool to use for these types of blogs alongside Youtube content. You’ll often find then types of blogs shift into lifestyle blogs that will often touch on wider topics than just beauty and fashion.

This is because the beauty & lifestyle niche is all about the life that you are living.


  • Can get access to cool events
  • Can almost reach celebrity status if super successful
  • Wide audience access through other platforms alongside Pinterest


  • Success relies heavily on your personality
  • Very difficult to create a successful beauty & fashion blog from just writing alone

Blogs Who Operate in This Niche

#6 – Lifestyle

Lifestyle blogs are super hard to pin down as a blog niche because they can be so broad. You’ll find many a newbie blogger coming to lifestyle as their favorite blog idea, however, there are some areas within this niche which can see more success than others.

Some of the favorite blog ideas within the lifestyle niche:

  • Gardening
  • Homesteading (This one is MASSIVE)
  • Survival
  • Home Decor
  • Organization (Did somebody say bullet journal?)
  • Travel

These are some of the best topics within the lifestyle niche that you can target which have been proven to have huge audiences and of course the potential to make massive revenue.

Lifestyle Blog Niche ideas can vary, try to remain focused on a particular area.
Lifestyle Blog Niche ideas can vary, try to remain focused on your audience, and avoid the common mistake of writing for yourself. The Confused Millenial does this really well.

You will find that within the lifestyle niche the way most people monetize their blogs is through ads or printables.

A lifestyle blog can be one of the best types of blogs to start of with as a brand new blogger, you can try a variety of different topics, and see what takes off through your Pinterest efforts. If a particular topic starts to do well, you can then elaborate on that further.


  • Potentially limitless traffic opportunities
  • Huge audience
  • Pinterest caters very well to the sub-categories in this blog niche


  • Unless you niche down and focus on a singular problem to overcome, can get lost in the noise
  • Can be difficult to stick to a few categories

Blogs Who Operate Within This Niche

#7 – Personal Development

Personal development blogs can be a challenging blog idea to work with. People who come up with blog ideas around personal development rarely target a specific problem.

I’ve run into this mistake with my own blog. I’ve got a category I write for which is personal development, but the issues I target are so wide and varied, I’m not very consistent with what I’m offering.

If you want to create a successful personal development blog you want to get ultra-specific. Blog’s that target specific issues will be a lot better received, for example:

I’ll help you reach a wide audience as an introvert.


I will help you overcome procrastination.

Introvert Dear's Website focuses on the personal development blog niche idea for introverts
Introvert, Dear focuses on a particular niche, introverts.

If you are offering a personal development blog that just focuses on ‘a better life’ that isn’t going to help anyone. By being specific in this niche you’ll help your reader identify a problem, and help them to overcome it.


  • Can get great feedback and loyalty from your audience for helping them overcome a single issue
  • Like self-help books, this category can be wildly popular
  • There are no end of different personal challenges people face which you can blog about


  •  Can be hard to focus on a specific area
  • If you aren’t focused can be hard to get traction

Blogs Who Operate In This Niche

Step 4 – Delivering What the People Want

Delivering what people want, blog niche ideas

Now you should understand some of the most popular blog ideas and what makes a blog niche successful. The next step in the process is figuring out how to deliver your content successfully.

One of the biggest challenges with any new blog is knowing what to write about. You may come up with a ton of different ideas for blog posts, but how will you know if they will be successful and people want to read them?

Luckily, there is a way in which you can find out what blog post ideas are already popular in your niche. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to craft a plan for what content you will deliver to your audience.

Let’s take you through that process.

Research the Most Popular Blog Post Ideas

Picture this; you’ve gone through the list above, you’ve picked out your blog niche and now you want to know what content you should write to get the most out of traffic and readers.

How do you go about doing that?

By researching of course! Now there are a number of different ways in which you can do your research in what is popular.

You can go to popular blogs and see which posts have been shared the most. You can ask bloggers which is their most successful posts, or you can follow the Pinterest Skyscraper method.

Out of all the ways to get a better understanding of what is popular, there is none better than the skyscraper method.

The Skyscraper Method

The process is simple enough:

  1. You search Pinterest for your selected keywords
  2. You identify which blogs posts are the most popular by looking at the re-pin count
  3. You make a secret board to keep track of these popular pins
  4. After you’ve gotten around 40-80 of the best-performing pins for your keywords you can analyze what topics they talk about, then write your blog posts around that topic.
When you use the skyscraper method, make sure to leave yourself a note when saving to your secret board. This helps you to track how many re-pins that topic got.
When you use the skyscraper method, make sure to leave yourself a note when saving to your secret board. This helps you to track how many re-pins that topic got.

By looking through Pinterest, you’re able to identify what posts are popular. Understanding what other people are repining gives you killer insight into what posts are going to do well.

Instead of guessing that people want to hear about ’17 ways to cook broccoli’ and it not getting any traffic after you spent hours writing it. You can instead focus on a topic you know is already popular and elaborate and expand on it.

Repackage What’s Popular into Your Own Content

After you’ve done the research and you know what topics are popular, it’s time to begin crafting your own content. This part is important, I’m not suggesting to just rip off somebody else’s blog post, although a lot of people do just that.

What I’m suggesting is to understand what posts are doing well, and then to elaborate, expand and ultimately write your own take on that topic (and try and make the content even better than the one with a shit load of pins).

How Can You Improve On Existing Content?

Chances are if a piece of content has already been shared and pinned a lot on Pinterest, it’s already pretty good, so what ways can you expand on that piece of content to make it even better?

You Can Include High-Quality Images & Accompanying Copy

You’ll find a lot of Pinterest posts are full of listicles, articles which are a list. When you look at what the article actually includes, a lot of the time you’ll see an article with 27 baked pie recipes which has 27 pictures, but only a sentence or two after each picture.

As great as chasing foxes site is, they do a lot of these type of posts. They can get away with it because of the sheer brute force amount of articles the site produces. To give you an idea in under  3 years they’ve produced nearly 7,000 blog posts, yikes!

This is an example of an article where the content is thin. If it was a popular post on Pinterest it would be easy to write a far superior article to this one.
This is an example of an article about 10 ways to make your home smell amazing, where the content is thin. If it was a popular post on Pinterest it would be easy to write a far superior article to this one.

Make your article stand out by not just collating a variety of pictures, but include well-written copy, make it funny, engaging, personable and put your own spin on it.

If an article topic is very copy heavy (lots of written words) search for high-quality images to include in your blog post, or better yet, create your own brand new images.

Add Video & Make The Content Engaging

Sharing videos within your blog posts has a number of benefits. It not only boosts your chances of successful SEO for your blog post but it also helps to engage your audience better.

Videos can be something as simple as a quick tutorial, a 1-minute overview of what the blog post will include, or simply a small quick win that someone watching the video can implement straight away.

Deliver Your Blog Ideas and See What Fly’s

When you are starting out a brand new blog, your blog post ideas may not do very well for the first few months, as your site is just getting discovered. What I suggest for new bloggers is to put out different types of content and follow a solid strategy to promote your content through platforms like Pinterest.

Over time, you’ll discover which content performs better than others, as you begin to get a better understanding try and focus on creating those types of posts that your audience respond well too. If you have a health and fitness blog, and your yoga topics are the blog post ideas that are most successful, write more of those posts.

Your blog is going to change dramatically over even just the first year of you launching it. It’s important to not box yourself into a small niche that you later discover your audience responds to different content better.

Try to keep your audience as wide and open as possible to start off with, as you find your feet, your audience, and your style.

Step 5 – Analyse What People Love, Rinse and Repeat

If you’ve reached up to step 5 and have implemented everything from step 1-4, you are already going to be miles ahead of where I was, and where many other bloggers are going to be at the start of their blogging journey.

By understanding the purpose of your blog, what blog ideas are the most popular and writing highly popular content based on highly shared posts you are creating the foundations for huge success with your blog.

The next step is to continue delivering what your audience wants by analyzing what is going well and doing more of that.

In business, we call this the Pareto Principle or you may have heard it referred to as the 80/20 rule. With your blog, you’ll find that 20% of your blog posts will be bringing you 80% of your traffic.

Step 5 is all about identifying which posts are doing well (your 20%) and then doubling down on those types of posts for maximum effect. Here’s how to go about doing that.

Track Your Most Popular Posts

Google analytics and Pinterest are going to be your best friends when it comes to tracking which posts are your most popular. If you are using a social sharing plugin like Social Warfare, you can go to your WordPress dashboard, select posts, and filter your blog posts by shares.

You can use the wordpress dashboard to track your most popular posts
You can use the wordpress dashboard to track your most popular posts

This will give you a list, top to bottom, of your most shared posts.

Alongside WordPress, you can also use Google Analytics to identify which posts have been receiving the most traffic. Simply select a date-range (I’d suggest 90 days or more) and go to the behavior tab.

This will show you off all the sessions on your blog, which posts have been getting the most traffic. Keeping a close eye on your Google Analytics will become a habit you’ll find hard to break as your blog traffic increases over time.

Pinterest also offers in-depth analytics features which can show you which posts are doing well, but generally, by pinning to Pinterest on a regular basis you will be able to see which of your pins are getting the most repins.

Figure out What People like About Your Blog Post

So you’ve identified three different posts on your blog that are outperforming the rest of your posts. In fact, these three posts combined are generating nearly 10X as much traffic as the rest of your posts combined.

It’s important at this stage to figure out what people like so much about these blog posts. Is it the topic that you’re writing about that is popular, is it the way the article was written, was it the page title, was it the quality of the pins you created, was it the group boards you shared it too, was it that you created a video for each piece of content which people loved?

Really dig deep into your most successful posts and try and analyze what you did well. You can go one step further if you have an email list and you can even reach out to your audience to ask them.

Ask Your Audience What They Think of Your Blog Post Ideas

I’ve found asking my audience for feedback to be one of the best ways to deeper understand what my readers really think. Instead of guessing ask the audience.

You can pretend you’re on an episode of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’  and give them a survey option to choose from or simply just ask them to hit reply and give you feedback.

I’ve found asking for direct feedback with a reply to be one of the most effective ways to get people to respond.

Time to Put Your Best Blog Ideas Into Practice

Now you’ve read through the guide, it’s time to put the necessary steps into action. By understanding what blog niche ideas are popular, you can focus on delivering content that is going to do well on both social media and Google. 

We already know these sites and blog niches get amazing traffic, so it’s a great place to start.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re clearly interested in making your blog the very best it can be. Why not sign up for my 30-Day Blogging Bootcamp, while it’s still free!

If you haven’t signed up for your own blog, you can check out this guide to starting your own blog.

Blogging for beginners shouldn't be difficult. To make money online all you need to do is focus on a blogging niche that will help you get more traffic and make money blogging. This article will guide you through 7 of the biggest blog niches you can use to get more traffic to your blog.
Blogging for beginners shouldn't be difficult. To make money online all you need to do is focus on a blogging niche that will help you get more traffic and make money blogging. This article will guide you through 7 of the biggest blog niches you can use to get more traffic to your blog.
Blogging for beginners shouldn't be difficult. To make money online all you need to do is focus on a blogging niche that will help you get more traffic and make money blogging. This article will guide you through 7 of the biggest blog niches you can use to get more traffic to your blog.
Blogging for beginners shouldn't be difficult. To make money online all you need to do is focus on a blogging niche that will help you get more traffic and make money blogging. This article will guide you through 7 of the biggest blog niches you can use to get more traffic to your blog.
To help your blog grow, this article will help you understand the 7 blog niche ideas that will make money online for you and your blog and bring in lots of traffic to your blog.









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So many people talk about making money online, but should you invest in a blogging course to help you get to the point of monetising your blog?

When it comes to everything I’ve been doing in my entrepreneurial adventures over the last few months, one of the biggest changes I’ve made is investing in myself more. From committing to doing The Miracle Morning every day to paying for a personal Instagram coach, to now investing in the Billionaire Blog Club, I’ve been spending time and money on personal development. 

Why is personal development important? For me, I noticed before 2018 that I was just cruising, doing what I needed to get by.

January and February saw me make a number of changes and putting myself outside my comfort zone and investing in myself by:

  • Building a community and free course to help my followers
  • Committing to a single social media platform and learning it completely
  • Journaling daily and waking up before 6 am to focus on myself

The results I’ve achieved in that team have been miraculous. I feel fitter, happier and more focused than ever.

One thing I did notice, however, was my blog was suffering. Not from anything other than, a lack of time and focus.

So this month, I’ve decided to not just invest in myself, but invest in my blogging future by becoming a member of the Billionaire Blog Club.

In this post, I’ll outline exactly what the Billionaire Blog Club is, how it’s going to help me turn this blog into the world-beating blog I know it can be and how you can get involved for yourself.

Jobless Nation Note: The Billionaire Blog Club only opens up for registration a couple of times a year, for now, you can take Scriv’s free 12-day Blogging Bootcamp to help you get started. He will then email you when enrolment opens.

Why Investing My Money Makes Me Pay Attention

When it comes to free content, I’ve got it coming out of my ears. I’ve literally got a folder sat on my desktop called ‘free shit’.

Free stuff on desktop

Here’s the trouble with free content, when you download an e-book, video guide or mp3 download that is free, your mind associates it as free.

When our mind associates something as free, more often than not, we think about all the other things we’ve had for free in the past. Free pamphlets in your newspaper, free toys in your McDonalds Happy Meals and free content downloads from your favourite blogger sites.

Here’s the problem, most free content sucks. Two to three pages of generic trollop, written out into an E-book, covered in glitter and sparkles to make it look impressive and thrown to you in exchange for your email address – where you enter the dreaded sales funnel.

Months or years of rubbish free content has conditioned your mind that anything you receive for free is going to be terrible. Therefore, it ends up in the solitary folder, on your desktop, collecting dust, like all the other courses I never started (rest in peace: ‘list of 59 amazing tools for my email list’).

With so Many Free Courses Available Why Do We Invest in Paid for Courses?

Simply put, we know they are better. But there is a science to WHY they are better too.

When you invest your money into a product, you associate a value with that product. That means that because you spent your hard earned dollars on that product, you want to put that product to good use.

This means people who typically buy online courses, will take the online courses. This has a snowball effect.

Because you invested your money, you invest your time. Because you invest your time, you start to see results.

By investing your money, the end result is you actually put time into taking the course and will see results.

Money Spent + Action Taken = Results
Money Spent + Action Taken = Results

My Personal Results With this Formulae

I’d love to say that the scientists are wrong and that I can use my pure determination to prove them wrong, but the above formulae has worked for me too.

For months I toiled away at learning social media strategies through free courses, e-books, blog posts and articles gaining varied amounts of minor success over a 12 month period.

It’s only when I invested $500 into a coaching course for Instagram that I decided I was going to apply myself and within a month I 10 X my Instagram following and it still continues to grow between 1000-1500 followers PER WEEK to this day.

Statistics from social blade
Here is my Instagram growth via the socialblade.com website.

It’s no surprise that when I spent money on getting a result, I was determined to make sure my money wasn’t wasted. I shared my Instagram tips for growth with my community and the results were incredible.

Time to Make Bloggin’ My Bitch.

With that in mind, in the month of March, I decided it was time to get back to my roots. Time to make blogging my bitch.

I wanted to up a gear and take what I had achieved in my Instagram success and apply that to my blogging habits. I wanted to achieve the same level of success, aiming to 5X or 10X my blogging success.

I also planned to use the same approach as I did for my Instagram success, by documenting the whole process and setting up a 30-Day Blogging Bootcamp to take my followers along with me for the journey.

Join the blogging bootcamp
If you’d like to take part in the first round of my 30-Day Blogging Bootcamp, Click the image above.

Not only would this pave the way for my own success, but it’d allow me to help others within my community take the same steps as I was to achieve their own success.

The Blogging Course to End All Blogging Courses

So great news, I had a strategy for success. All I needed now was an expert who would let me drink from the fountain of knowledge.

Here’s the one big problem you’ll notice with blogging, however. Everyones a fucking expert.

If you believed every income report you read on Pinterest, you’d think there were 100,000 bloggers making 6 figures blogging about cupcakes and dragonflies.

Although I haven’t done a Google search for cupcakesndragonflys.com I’m fairly certain that there is a multitude of bloggers online who are faking their income report numbers, to drive more traffic to their affiliate links.

Hey, it’s a vicious world, I’m sure it’s just the same in the corporate world (in fact I know it is).

So here’s the question…

Of all the wannabe experts and supposed best-selling blogging courses out there, what one was going to give me the success and knowledge that I wanted.

So I did my research, and there were a few options that came back to me. Michelle Shroeders Affiliate marketing masterclass, the elite blog academy, and the Billionaire Blog Club.

Apart from being drawn to the Billionaire Blog Club purely from an egotistical sense —The name does sound dope — what really sealed the deal for me was the guy behind it all.

Join the free 12-day blogging bootcamp
If you want to you can join Scriv’s free 12-day course

First, he gave me this killer free 12-day blogging course, and then he redirected me to a sales page which blatantly told me – Yo bro, in case you didn’t know, this is a sales funnel. Most people want to trick you but I’m just gonna tell you the truth.

Scrivs then shared a 7-minute video all about his beliefs with blogging, and how he runs over 10 different blogs. In the video he goes through some live Google Analytics for his sites and boy, are the figures impressive.

This guy really knows his stuff and he owns blogs that are bringing in over 100,000 monthly views. That’s some gangster level blogging right there.

Being totally honest, I initially started watching the video hating the dude’s voice, but within minutes I already had my credit card out and had become a member.

This blogging course was going to help me never need to pay for another blogging course, ever again.

What Being a Billionaire Blog Club Member Is All About

Should you join the billionaire blog club?

The big thing about the BBC (Billionaire Blog Club) is the community. Scrivs the creator himself said this week in one of his emails the success of the BBC is all about the relationship he’s built with his audience.

The BBC has a fully integrated community system in place using Slack, a system used primarily for businesses and communication it separates your conversations into topics.

This is the Slack Channel for Billionaire Blog Club
This is the Slack Channel for Billionaire Blog Club

For BBC we have six main discussion groups:

  • #General
  • #Introduction
  • #Pinterest
  • #Random
  • #SEO
  • #Wins

We also have a number of private channels setup, one of the ones I’m featured in right now is the 500-a-day private group. In the group, it’s all about trying to write 500 words a day or more for your blog, or for anything.

If you didn’t know already, completing a daily writing practice is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your writing.

The great thing about the billionaire blog club for me is seeing the proof of the formulae. In the wins section almost every day we see people implementing what they learn in the courses offered by Scrivs.

Seeing people achieve such success is a huge motivator for following the formulae for success. The billionaire blog club really has it down to a science.

One of the best things about the BBC is the fact that the course creator, Scrivs who this year is set to make a million dollars from all of his different blogs is always on hand to answer questions.

I’ve honestly been impressed with how much time he has to put into the group, he really is happy to go the extra mile for his group members.

How I’m Going to Make My Blog Succeed Using the Billionaire Blog Club 

This reminds me of the first time I made money from my blog

Having been a member of a few different courses over the last few years while blogging, I’ve come to realize that people (me included) are addicted to tools. We all want the easy option, the fast track route, and before we’ve even committed to completing one course we are onto the next one.

I call this the shiny object syndrome. We are always attracted to whatever new pops on our radar, and out comes the credit card.

But here’s the truth, without conviction and putting courses actually into practice, we’ll never get anywhere.

That’s how I’m going to make my blog shine using the BBC. The Billionaire Blog Club makes something really clear straight away.

There IS a successful formula for blogging.

All you need to do is remove your ego, accept that and then apply it.

Literally, just DO IT.

Here’s my problem I’ve encountered, Instead of listening to the advice and doing what I’m told, I always think I’m too clever and have a better solution.

You, like me, may have looked at blogs online, mommy bloggers are a perfect example. I have years of experience in sales and am confident in my abilities.

I’ve also been writing for a few years online and am pretty confident in my writing abilities.

So my ego in my mind looked at these types of bloggers, achieving 200,000 monthly page views and I critiqued their not brilliant writing and I thought that I could do better.

But what these blogs knew, which I didn’t was how to be successful blogging.

That’s when the moment came for me to put up my hands, and give in to the realization, nearly 11 months after I decided to seriously start to blog and say… ‘Shit, I’ve been going about this the wrong way… time to fix that’.

So with that in mind, this is me putting a flag in the ground…

…Putting a line in the sand…

…Making a vow to uphold…

It’s time to start blogging like I mean it, and that means within 6 months, I’ll have 25,000 monthly blog visitors. That’s the goal, it’s realistic and it’s time to take action.

If you want to get started taking action, then just read on and get stuck in.

Get a Free 12-Day Course from the Billionaire Blog Club

Scriv’s free 12-day course for the Billionaire Blog Club was an eye-opener for me. It showed me that there was a way to massively improve my viewing figures, and broke it down into a science.

All I needed to do was to put in the work to shape my blog by following the guidelines.

I’d encourage you to check out Scriv’s free 12-day course, after all, it’s free and the knowledge you are set to gain from the course will no doubt really open up your eyes, to the possibility of real levels of traffic.

Not 1,000 monthly visitors, or 5,000 but real life-changing amounts of traffic that can turn your blogging hobby into an actual business. That’s something that so many of us strive for but rarely achieve.

Let’s change all that and actually make it happen. If you also get the opportunity to join the Billionaire Blog Club, I’d wholeheartedly recommend getting started.

As I go through the following months, I’ll look to come back and update this article with the work I’ve put in following the Billionaire Blog Club techniques and the results I’ve achieved from it.

For now, though, get started with the Free 12-Day Course, you’ll thank me later.

Stay classy,


Blogging for beginners guides are everywhere, learning how to make money blogging and blogging tips can be overwhelming. Find out this secret technique you can use for blogging success so you can make money online easily, and quickly.
Blogging for beginners guides are everywhere, learning how to make money blogging and blogging tips can be overwhelming. Find out this secret technique you can use for blogging success so you can make money online easily, and quickly.
The Billionaire Blog Club is all about making money blogging. By learning how to make money online, you can create a blog that gives you passive income.





What Would You Do with $86,400 Every Day for the Rest of Your Life?

Think about your goals in life and then consider this for a moment. If someone came up to you out of the blue in the street and told you he was a billionaire, would you be impressed? What if that same gentleman said to you that he was going to give you a gift that many people could only dream of possessing, would you be interested? 


I go into detail about my income for January including where I was spending all of my time.

Income Report January 2018 – Shifting Priorities & Record Blog Traffic

Income reports are so important for blogs. Many bloggers use income reports solely as a sales tool to help them show how awesome their techniques are for growing their income online. This, in turn, convinces the reader to use one of their affiliate links, purchase one of their courses or enter a sales funnel.

For me, an income report is so much more than just trying to ask you guys for money. My income reports are about reflection, sharing the truth about traveling around the world & crucially showing you what’s possible if you set your mind to it.


Jay: ‘Hey guys, if you didn’t join in the challenge already, you can get started by following this link and signing up at the bottom of the page, hope you see you in the Facebook group soon!’

If you're interested in joining in my free 30-Day Blogging Bootcamp click the image above
If you’re interested in joining in my free 30-Day Blogging Bootcamp click the image above

If you want to follow along with my Instagram, check out my instagram page.

A Quick Intro About Why I Started the 30-Day Instagram Challenge…

What’s up guys! Welcome to this week 1 recap of the 30-Day Instagram Challenge. We’ve been hustling hard on the ‘Gram for just over a week now and some of the results we are achieving has been incredible.

Growing my Instagram following has been something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time, and I’ve never really known where to get started. So just over 3 weeks ago I decided, enough was enough and I was going to get stuck in, do the research, spend the time and figure it all out.

Nomad summit main stage

Nomad Summit 2018 in Review | Chiang Mai, Thailand

When people talk about digital nomads, there can be this stigma that’s attached to the term. The stigma of one or two things. Either people imagine hippy style travellers globe-trotting, scraping a minimal living and making money selling a dream online that never comes true.

Or on the other hand, there are many who see digital nomads as the laptop entrepreneurs. The kind that drinks Pina Coladas on the beach, hang out on super yachts and throwing handfuls of money into the ocean like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall-street.

Interestingly, many nomads fall directly in the middle of these two stigmas and the Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand is where I had the great pleasure of meeting some of the brightest and best entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

In this article, I’ll share with you my unfiltered opinion and expression of exactly what the Nomad Summit had to offer and also what the communities around Chiang Mai can provide for those who are looking to try a new way of living.

Seeing What’s Possible

For a fairly new digital nomad on the block, I’ve been hugely fortunate. I’ve had a community of already successful entrepreneurs to share their wisdom with me. This has helped me take the first few steps in the right direction.

Three months into my new ‘Digital Nomad’ life, I’ve already learnt so much and the Nomad Summit 2018 really gave me an opportunity to see where I could be in 12-18 months time.

What Exactly Is the Nomad Summit?

Nomad summit Johnny FD on stage
The main man Johnny FD from the Travel Like A Boss Podcast

The Nomad Summit is the biggest digital nomad conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Founded by Johnny FD of the Travel Like A Boss podcast, the event is built by, and for, digital nomads.

This year was their 4th annual conference. With over 400 attendees this year the event aims at helping digital nomads of all experience levels. Great for somebody like me who was just starting out!

The event took place effectively over 3-4 days and the programme went a little something like this:

  • 19th Jan – Pre-event meet up at the Japan Village to pick-up your day passes and to network with other people attending the event.
  • 20th Jan – Main conference day held at Le Meridien Hotel 9 am to 6 pm including an after party held at the top of the Maya shopping centre.
  • 21st Jan – Nomad Pool Party held at the Buristro Bar & Cafe.
  • 22nd Jan – Optional workshop events including getting started with Amazon FBA & how to start and scale a service-based business.

Phew, that’s a pretty jam-packed schedule! Naturally, as I’m currently obsessed with all things online, I decided I was going to go the whole hog, and get stuck into all four days.

Event Pricing and Tickets

I was really happy to find that the ticket prices for the event were particularly reasonable. I’ve been to other work conferences and know that the costs can be huge, some charging thousands of dollars for the events.

The Nomad summit had three different pricing options:

  • Standard tickets $197  – Giving you full access to the conference including free food and drinks throughout.
  • Deluxe Tickets $297 – These gave you upgraded seats at the front of the conference hall with a table so you could take notes and use your laptop.
  • VIP Tickets $997 – These bad boys put you right at the front and also included an invitation to the speaker’s dinner.

Jobless note: It’s worth bearing in mind that before the conference they also run discounts and promotions, at the time of writing the sign up for the 2019 nomad summit is 52% cheaper!

I purchased my ticket just a week before the event was scheduled to take place and got my deluxe ticket and the additional Amazon FBA course for $206 through the official site.

Run Through of the Events

I had heard about Johnny FD before and have listened to his podcast Travel Like A Boss, in which Johnny interviews amazing people who are living the 4-hour work week lifestyle in real life. They discuss real-life examples of online businesses that actually work and use their passive income to ‘travel like a BOSS’ in the meantime.

What I didn’t realise immediately was that Johnny and the Nomad Summit were connected! When I listen to podcasts I’m a very sporadic listener and will jump from episode 18 to episode 107. Even though I had listened to his podcast, I didn’t at all connect the Nomad Summit with Johnny.

I had actually just arrived in Chiang Mai two weeks prior to the summit, completely oblivious to the fact that it was even going on. Then a guy called Keith I’d been talking to in a digital nomad Facebook group invited me to dinner.

When I met up with Keith for food he mentioned he was going to a Summit for digital nomads, I immediately jumped on the site and signed myself up.

I only connected the two dots the day before the summit.  I was at the pre-meetup and realised that this dude I had been listening to on the podcast had just shaken my hand and was hosting this whole event! Small world, hey folks?

19th January – Pre-Meetup Registration at Japan Village

pre reg signup event
The pre-registration was an awesome chance to network. That’s me in the blue…

The pre-registration event was set out at a bar in the Nimman district of Chiang Mai. This area of the city is practically over-populated with digital nomads who were bootstrapping their businesses by saving money in Chiang Mai.

The setting was casual yet classy, and since I’ve been bumping around hostels for the last 4 months it was a welcome change from the kind of bars I’d usually been socializing in.

The actual process of receiving my badge and lanyard for the day was really simple. I’d completely lost my email with the proof of purchase somehow but they quickly found my name on the list and scanned me in any way.

Within a few minutes, I was shoulder to shoulder with around 150 other people grabbing a drink and getting chatting.

Honestly, the pre-meetup event was one of my favourite times from the whole summit. Everybody was brand new, nobody knew anyone and everyone was open to talking.

The event was supposed to last 2 hours but I ended up staying and chatting for 4 hours and met some incredible people from every walk of life:

  • One guy ran a data centre out of Japan.
  • I met a few other writers doing similar work to me.
  • Crypto-currency investors and miners were everywhere, this stuff is red hot at the minute.
  • I met lots of amazing couples including a super vegan who ate mostly fruit and was running his own Amazon FBA business after 3 months of successful dropshipping on eBay, you can check Kent out here.
  • His wife Becky is a Kinesiologist. Just from looking at me she instantly told me I had a slight problem with my spine (too much sitting over a laptop in cafes) I’ll be taking her course to better my posture when it’s released in February.

The pre-registration was a great way to get everyone connected before the event to start sharing ideas, inspiration and contact info.

20th January – the Main Event at Le Meridien

Nomad Summit Main Event

The day of the summit was incredible. I felt inspired, energised and a little drunk (more on the after party later).

[clickToTweet tweet=”The event started the same way most of my days start. Running late, missing breakfast & grabbing a toastie from 7/11.” quote=”The event started the same way most of my days start. Running late, missing breakfast & grabbing a toastie from 7/11.” theme=”style3″]

I arrived at the Hotel a little after 8:30 am which I was happy to find we didn’t get started until around 9:15 am, it gave me time to network with some more individuals who I didn’t have the chance to meet the day before.

First Set of Speakers – Matt Bowles & Viola Eva Schenkel

Nomad Summit Speakers - Viola
Viola sharing her advice on scaling a service business

As we walked into the conference hall I was impressed with the whole setup, when the footage goes live (which it will, for free to everyone to view the talks) it’ll be awesome quality.

I was happy to have upgraded to the deluxe seats as It made taking notes, so much easier.

Matt’s talk on how he set up his real estate business while working remotely from all over the globe was an energetic and inspiring talk and Viola’s talk on how she scaled up her SEO agency in a little over 12 months was hugely inspiring and I could definitely see how it would be something that could be applied and achieved.

Second Set of Speakers – J Keitsu & Nick Nimmin

Nomad Summit Speakers - J Kietsu
J Keitsu had incredible tips on levelling up and how he builds a sales funnel

The next set of speakers were hugely impressive. J Keitsu has scaled up his original dropshipping store to a massively successful business turning over nearly $2million a month in sales and his insight into what’s possible with dropshipping was awesome.

Nick Nimmin was equally impressive but on a different spectrum after achieving nearly 5 million Youtube views in little under a year and 100,000 subscribers, both had some great ideas to share with how to scale up and grow.

Nomad Summit Speakers - Nick Nimmin
Nick shared some solid Youtube strategies for getting started


Simply put, lunch rocked.

Great job Johnny.

Afternoon’s Speakers – Virginia Campo, Mike Larosa & Derek Pankaew

Nomad Summit Speakers - Virginia
What Virginia had accomplished in her life so far was hugely impressive

The afternoon’s set of speakers started off with a real kick with Virginia Campo. She shared her journey from being an intrapreneur to becoming an online entrepreneur just starting out her new journey with gignomads.com.

Her talk was passionate, honest and open and I think many of us watching saw some similarities in what she spoke about.

Mike LaRosa injected some comedy and showmanship and was an incredible speaker on stage. He told us of his history, being Starbucks youngest ever manager, throwing it in the toilet for a terrible job and doing the same thing at least three times before landing on his current trajectory.

The dude is hugely passionate about co-working spaces. Like mad passionate. Since the summit, I’ve been using coworker.com to get all the info on where the best places to work are in all the cities I’m planning on visiting soon.

Derek gave a killer speech (I should have spoken to this dude earlier as he was sat next to me) and was actually the creator of the foldable pull-up bar.

It only dawned on me I’d been sat next to him all day when I saw his slides go up and realised they were the exact same ones that I’d seen on his laptop next to me during the other presentations.

Closing the Show

Nomad Summit Speakers - Johnny FD
Johnny crushed the closing talk and gave a real heartfelt memorial too

Johnny FD was the last speaker to get on-stage and gave a heartfelt mention to a huge contributor to the community in Chaing Mai, Rob Fortney Jr. who sadly passed away very recently.

Johnny closed up the show with some awesome tips on getting started with dropshipping and how to scale up if you’re already on the first rung of the ladder.

Evenings Entertainment and the Pool Party

pool party 1
Ice-cold cocktails and awesome people made for a great pool party

After such an awesome day, we all made our way across to the Maya shopping mall to celebrate and share our thoughts on the day. It turned into a pretty late one and for me personally, I think I made some very lasting connections, who I’m sure I’ll be collaborating with in the future.

The pool party was an extension of that! With more pad thai and cocktails than you can shake a stick at, it was a perfect chilled out day after such an information-heavy day, from the conference.

The venue was stunning and surprisingly, is actually a co-working space. If you’re looking for a place to work in Chiang Mai and want to have a dip in a pool and relax on a sun lounger afterwards, the Buristro bar and cafe may be for you.


Amazon FBA Extra Workshop

I was happy to be able to spend as much time as possible hanging out with these incredible people I’d met, and the Amazon FBA course held by Paul Adams was the perfect introduction to understanding how this type of business could compliment what I wanted to do as a digital nomad.

The course gave us some real insight into how to find a product, how to identify if there was a gap in the market and whether you could potentially get a product up and running and profitable.

The support provided by Steve Ruggiero who was actually recently featured on the Travel Like a Boss podcast was really amazing and the whole community these guys have founded in Chiang Mai is so supportive and open. I’d really suggest reaching out to them if you want to get started but don’t know where to start.

You can check out gorillazonline.com for tons of support on how to get started with Amazon FBA.

Overall Thoughts on the Conference

After spending the best part of four days hanging out with these amazing people I was sad for it to end. Out of the whole Nomad Summit, there were some key highlights for me that really made it stand out.

The Speakers Where Knowledgeable but Relatable

I loved that each of the speakers who shared their stories at the conference. They weren’t necessarily these multi-million dollar figures who had great success from a young age and were walking the walk.

Each one had something that I felt I could relate to and all of their stories and businesses that they run was something I could see myself doing in one capacity or another.

The Event Was Smoothly Run, Well Co-Ordinated and Incredibly Friendly

Throughout the whole Nomad Summit, you just got a sense that the people really cared. You can tell Johnny and the organisers put their whole heart into this event and it really shows.

The volunteers were amazing and friendly, and nothing was ever too much trouble. They even went above and beyond and even treated us to lunch at the extra workshop, and everybody loves free food.

The Conference Was Amazing, but the People Were Next-Level

As with all events involving talented speakers you get a real buzz on the day and can feel the energy and passion in the room. One thing that I loved about this conference, however, were the people attending it.

If I could take one thing away from this conference it was how incredible all the people attending were. Everyone was friendly, open and happy to share. It’s what really makes me proud to be a digital nomad.

Digital nomads are open, honest and happy to help and for me going forward that’s something I always want to live by. 

In a Nutshell Then…

If you’re already a digital nomad, are on the fence or are considering and wanting a life away from the regular 9-5, invest in yourself and get involved with one of these conferences.

I know 100% I’ll be back in Chiang Mai this time next year, and I encourage as many of you reading to join in and come along for the ride. You’ll not only be inspired but also given the tools to take the action you need to get started or to take it to the next level.

I kept putting off the sweet photographer with my terrible poses
I kept putting off the sweet photographer with my terrible poses

The best digital nomad summit and conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand | travel


Join in our free 30-day Instagram Challenge to learn all the secrets about how to grow your following organically, with great engagement without using robots | Instagram Growth | Growth Marketing | Get More Instagram Followers |Instagram Followers | How to grow your following on Instagram | Get more Instagram

Welcome to the #JoblessNation and I’d like to Kindly Introduce You to the 30-Day Instagram Challenge.

This post will act as a gateway for all the content that will be posted throughout the 30-Day Instagram Challenge, I’ll be rounding up the information that we acquire throughout each week into a weekly blog post which will be available for everybody to view on this blog.

If you want to get more involved, you can join up to the challenge below or follow this link for a full run-through of exactly what the 30-day Instagram Challenge has to offer.

Overview Of The 30-Day Instagram Challenge

I decided that 2018 was going to be all about giving back to the community, and I’m kicking off this year with the 30-day Instagram challenge. 

What I’ve realised is that Instagram right now is the hottest place on the internet. So I did some research and tried to figure out how to grow my following. 

Turns out… there is a lot of mixed information out on the Internet. So I decided to figure it out and you guys can follow along while I do! I’m documenting the whole process for you and this page is all about making it as easy as possible for you to follow.

[clickToTweet tweet=”With 800 million active members and engagement levels that’d make a New York Times journalist weep Instagram rocks.” quote=”With over 500 million active members, 95 million images and videos shared on average a day and engagement levels that’d make a New York Times journalist weep it’s no wonder so many of us are involved with Instagram.” theme=”style3″]

Here’s the kicker though… growing a following can be tough if you don’t know where to start. 

So to kick off 2018 right I decided that from Jan 16th I was going to dive into Instagram and figure out as many tips and tricks as I could live!

So far the results have been pretty astonishing!

Results from the First Week of the Challenge

Initially, I set myself the challenge of growing my following from 500 followers to 2000 over the 30-Day Challenge.


Day 1 of the challenge saw me starting off at around 500 followers
Day 1 of the challenge saw me starting off at around 500 followers
By Day 7 I'd already hit my 30-day goal!
By Day 7 I’d already hit my 30-day goal!














In the first week alone, I managed to exceed my goal, I was stunned.

We also had some members of the Facebook group that achieved some incredible results as well, with so many members making improvements to their profiles, and one of the members Gina grew her following from 200 followers to 1000!

Awesome results for Gina here
Awesome results for Gina here

You Can Still Get Involved!

The great news is the Facebook group is thriving and you can still sign up to join in the 30-Day Instagram Challenge, you’ll get:

  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Videos and live content to help you grow
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Learn how I made $1167 in December by freelance writing and using affiliate marketing on my blog. Blogging for business and earning money online is actually a lot easier than I realised.

Income Report – How I Made $1167 Blogging in December 2017


  • Started earning traffic driven affiliate sales
  • Freelance writing really taking off after just 6 weeks
  • Learnt a lot about the digital marketing landscape

I’ve been meaning to do an income report for such a long time. I think an income report is CRUCIAL for bloggers for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, It’s incredibly motivating for myself to show you guys exactly what I’m earning while living the digital nomad lifestyle and running a lifestyle business.