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So I’m sitting here with my laptop open; I’ve bought the domain, setup WordPress, come up with a name, designed a logo and I’m now ready to go (at least that’s what all the other ‘set up your own blog’ posts advised me to do.)

So now what?

Well now I need a game plan.

In my last blog post, I explained my motivation for wanting to leave my job and ‘Get Jobless.’ Now the real challenge for me is sticking with the cause and making the dream a reality.  See, for me, my real struggle always comes whenever I see something new or want to start something fresh and I have buckets loads of motivation! I fly headfirst in and spend hours and hours on whatever it is I’m focusing on, but then my mind wanders and it gets left behind. A quick google of ‘disorders related to starting something but never finishing’ may give some insight but I think thats an avenue I’d rather not explore!

However, I know this blog is going to help me immeasurably. I read on another blog recently that expressing yourself through a blog can mainly happen in two forms – expressive expression, which is similar to writing in a journal and communicative expression, which is getting a message out into the world. So writing this blog is going to help me put my thoughts and frustrations, not forgetting my wins, down onto paper. Additionally, any cheers or motivation in the comments and hearing about how you guys react to my writing and experiences will hugely help in pushing me forward.

Well after realising this, I decided I needed to put some benchmark goals into place as a reference for myself, but also to help any readers who might be trying to accomplish the same goals as myself.

Game plan part 1 – Getting setup

I don’t know about you guys but I have some pretty hefty bills to pay every month for my house, utilities, council tax, fuel and don’t get me started on the food bill (I easily eat more than a small family of hobbits.) So as I got started I couldn’t just quit my job and hope for the best! I have to plan this site around my current job, with the hours that I work, usually involving getting up at 7am, driving an hour to work and finishing work at 8pm I needed to set myself a schedule and also create an area for myself that was clutter free and relaxing. The last thing I wanted was to be getting home at 9pm and then stressing myself out for 2 hours trying to figure out what I was doing.

  • I cleared myself a nice tidy desk space and got myself a shiny new Macbook Air for the venture (If I did an income report for my blog I’d already be down $800).
  • I planned to make sure I update my blog once a week on a Friday, at the very least. Friday seemed a good day for me as I usually (if I’m not working overtime) have Thursdays and Fridays off work, which gives me plenty of stress free time to plan out my posts and get into writing mode.
  • I also scheduled in time to speak to some friends I know who have setup their own company’s in online digital marketing – Shout out to Kevin (you can follow Kev on Twitter, @yourdigitalmark). This has been invaluable because having a support network of friends who understand what I’m trying to do is great for keeping me motivated.
  • I setup alongside my blog and website social media accounts on Twitter & Instagram and planned to update them regularly alongside my blog.


Game plan part 2 – Setting goals

Part of my game plan is understanding more about ways to make money online, also lovingly called ‘side hustles’ (I love that term!). I’d also like to get a better understanding of WordPress as I’m still unsure as to whether and WordPress.Org are largely very different (If you have a lot of experience in this please feel free to comment and enlighten me!) and I need to do some heavy research into HTML coding so I can gain a better understanding of this to improve the quality of my site and give you guys better content.

So without further Ado – here is my month 1 – list of goals.

  • Research different aspects of making money online (Side hustles)
  • Pick 2-3 different side hustles to largely focus on and research in more detail
  • Aim to make my first $50 in the first month from various different side hustles
  • Learn a few basics to HTML by taking an online class
  • Update my blog’s about page and contact page
  • Regularly post to my blog at least once a week
  • Setup a social media platform through Twitter and Instagram to compliment my blog
  • Create a logo for ‘Lets Get Jobless’


Well, I think that’s enough to be getting on with. These goals are just what I have decided I want to do personally for my site, but I am very open to any suggestions from you guys. Maybe you started your own blog and had some great goals you set yourself you can share with me and other readers; perhaps you’re planning some goals for yourself and would love to share them. Please get in touch in the comments!


Jamie is a freelance writer and sales coach who has over 10 years of experience in retail and sales. He is now taking his experience on the road and is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs achieve their potential.

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