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One second…

I’ve just seen this great video with a dog blowing bubbles in a bowl of water.

Oh… Where was I?

Ahhh procrastination, the killer of all productivity. Since God invented the internet we have always had the struggle of procrastination.

It’s the 70/30 principle.

They say that whatever you are doing, in 30% of the time you get 70% of that task completed. I believe the other 70% of the time we end up procrastinating.

But what is it we are actually doing instead of completing that killer blog post we’ve been planning all week?

So without further ado, in reverse order, this is the roundup of the 10 top things writers procrastinate on, whilst writing their next blog post.

Small disclaimer: I did heavy research (lots of procrastination) to compile this list and interviewed both women and men to get a collective view for what we all procrastinate on.

10. Blog Research

This is one we all fall victim to when you are typing your next blog post with an internet connection (some of my most productive writing hours are without an internet connection / procrastination prevention 101).

You type into Google something relevant to the post your writing “Top ways to procrastinate whilst blogging” and then you fall victim to clicking through endless sites or other blogs drinking in the information.

9. Planning out your wedding on Pinterest


“Honestly… I’m only going onto Pinterest for marketing purposes. It does drive a lot of traffic to blog posts and there is always lots of informative blogging related posts… ooh look at that dress!

Personally, this one doesn’t get me, but I have it on good authority that many females spend countless hours researching and pinning to their dream wedding boards.

Mashable and the Knot conducted a survey back in 2014, that reported 70% of Pinterest users admitted to having wedding boards before they were even engaged.

Who knew your big day had such a big impact?

8. Playing the latest Fifa game for 9 hours straight

This is something that happens to me more than I care to admit.

My laptop will be downloading some updates.. ‘updates will complete in 22 minutes’ so I pop down the laptop, switch on the PlayStation 4 (other gaming consoles are also available) and plan to play a quick game. I inevitably get smashed to pieces by some much better player online and reserve the next 7 hours to try and reclaim some of my lost pride.

Needless to say, with my pride still destroyed and eyes a lot squarer than they were before, I pick back up the laptop of which the battery has now died… better grab the charger!

7. Writing up your lottery list

The Euro millions jackpot tonight is £15 million; what would I do if I won? Well, first things first would be a Maserati of course, slowly followed by a luxury yacht and that mansion in Beverly Hills. Oh but then you’d have to get the mother in law something right? Maybe just a new teapot set and you can buy the family you actually like a new house and a nice Range Rover. A 10 minute daydream later about your holiday home in the Bahamas and you’re off track once more!

6. Updating your Tinder bio, pretending it’s for ‘research purposes’

Tinder profile
Credits to Dogster

Is it better to leave out your interests, put them in, remove that picture of you passing out on that table outside the club that New Year’s Eve, or just not choosing potential dates based on their lack of mentioning Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead in their bio?

Either way, after more ‘Research’ on the best ways to get more Tinder matches, you’ve still got half of your blog post unwritten and the clock ticking ominously at you like that girl who’s been texting you, who you’ve been ignoring, since she mentioned she has 42 cats, 3 dogs and a red-eyed Raven as pets just to keep her company.




5. Rearranging your living room for better Feng Shui

Harmony of your surroundings is everything right? If that plant pot was positioned at 37 degrees more to the right, I’m sure your writer’s block would disappear and your blog posts will be 45% funnier due to the positive energy in the room.

Actually…maybe the sofa needs to be pointing away from the window instead of towards it.

4. Binge watching a whole box set in one go

Watching boxsets

God bless Netflix.


Telling yourself you’re just putting Netflix on in the background so you can concentrate on your writing, then 4 hours into The Office Season 4, Steve Carell screaming out of the TV at you makes you realise you’ve just been sitting, eyeballing the TV and have only written 6 words encompassing in total ‘This blog post will be about…’

3. Keyword analytics

This one I feel many bloggers have experienced. You’ve got the killer post idea, you’ve got the idea in your head of what you’re going to write about but you want to make sure Google digs your post so you decide to pull up your copy of Longtail Pro (other keyword research tools are available) and search for all the related keywords that you can rank for in this mighty new post of yours.

2 hours later you’ve forgotten what you were going to write about in the post and the only keyword you could find that’s worth ranking wasn’t even related to your post anyway!

2.Browse Amazon for hours telling yourself it’s for ‘Affiliate Research’

You’ve got a really great post about travelling and there are literally thousands of accessories that you could link to but you only want the very best kit being recommended to your followers. So you dive into Amazon, look at reviews, compare products, add something to your wish list since it looked relevant, clicked on a related product, now you’re looking at kitchen appliances considering a Nutri-bullet when you always thought in your mind that a Nutri-Bullet was some sort of vibrator, not a food blender.

1.Stalking people on Social Media

stalking on social media
I guess she found out they were talking to someone new?

The school reunion is coming up, and you’re wondering if your old high school crush is married with 3 kids. Then you start thinking about your exes and their new other-half and have to have a quick peek at the holiday snaps. Then there is that guy that you’re going on a date with next week, time to dig out his old Myspace page and Facebook photos to see if he’s as nice as he seems in his Tinder messages.

So that’s your lot!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the roundup, please share in the comments and let me know what else leaves you getting distracted from work and your thoughts.

Speak to you all soon!




Jamie is a freelance writer and sales coach who has over 10 years of experience in retail and sales. He is now taking his experience on the road and is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs achieve their potential.


  1. As destructive these are to productivity, I’ve fallen prey to a few of these over the last few years. Just keeping it real 🙂 Funny post!

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