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Understand how to grow your blogs traffic using Tim Wenger's advice, hire a copywriter for SEO. Tim uses his experience in the industry to explain how using a copywriter for seo will transform your traffic | Blogging for beginners | Improve blog traffic | SEO | Blog SEO | Blog Traffic Tips

For many of you, SEO – Search Engine Optimisation –  is so important to growing the traffic of your website but many of us struggle along and don’t realise the potentially epic transformation we can have on our traffic, not to mention the quality of our sites’ SEO, by writing great copy.

Luckily Tim Wenger, a top copywriter and blogger, is here to tell you all the exact reasons why using a copywriter for SEO will transform your traffic. Take it away Tim.


Why Using a Copywriter for SEO Will Transform Your Traffic

Great SEO starts in a website’s framework, but one of the best and most affordable ways to take it up a notch is through the consistent production of keyword-based, SEO-friendly content creation.

You’ve certainly heard this before. But why do so many people struggle with producing this content?

It’s funny to me that so many entrepreneurs say things like “I can’t write” or “I don’t have time to blog.” But then they turn around and make a claim about how their website needs to be more SEO-friendly. “Why don’t you hire a copywriter for SEO?” replies an inquiring soul.

Which is often followed by “I’d love to hire a copywriter, but…”

a) “I don’t know where to find a good one”

b) “I can’t afford it”

c) “I don’t trust anyone to create content in line with my vision”

As someone who is both an entrepreneur and a copywriter (I wanted to start a business in something, might as well be the one thing I’m good at, right?), I’m going to systematically disprove all three of these claims. Approaching all angles of your website is important, and I’d like to prove to you why you should hire a copywriter for SEO. 

I don’t know where to find a good copywriter

This is the most common deterrent I hear when speaking with business owners. There are two easy and common ways to go about this.

Option 1: The Upwork dilemma

Many people are hesitant to jump on Upwork or another online job board and hire someone they’ve never met in person to contract with their business. I get that. I’ve been on the site for a couple years and have encountered a lot of BS along the way from companies looking to hire. I can only imagine how bad some of the freelancers must be.

But I think of Upwork as a ‘plenty of fish in the sea’ type of scenario. With so much to choose from, there’s got to be something good, right?

Here’s what you need to hire a copywriter for SEO on Upwork.

You want a writer knowledgeable on SEO best practices and who is both professional and experienced. Look for these things:

  • How much money they’ve made on the site – This is displayed on the right-hand side of their profile and is a good indicator of how experienced they are as a freelancer.
  • Top-Rated status – Upwork has a program called Top-Rated Freelancers, which includes workers across their platform that have proven to be both responsible and professional. This is also noted on the right-hand side of the profile.
  • 5-star reviews – A solid notation of previous clients being satisfied with their work.

Option 2: Surround yourself with entrepreneurs and freelancers

Another great place to identify a good copywriter is conferences and networking meetups. If you’re a member of a good co-working space, attend a few of the networking sessions that come through. Odds are there will be a couple copywriters there who are potentially people who can work alongside you every day.

I’d like to take a moment to recognize a common complaint I’ve heard from business owners. “Anyone can call themselves a copywriter, how am I supposed to know if they’re legit or just an underemployed bartender?” 

A valid question. Here are a few things to note:

Writing is hard. Making money as a writer is harder.

Not to take anything away from those just starting out, but a newbie writer isn’t going to be able to afford a coworking membership. They also likely won’t be experienced enough to know how productive and profitable it can be to surround yourself with other freelancers and entrepreneurs. Those that are at networking events, drinking a coconut next to you at the office in Bali, and generally holding their own in conversations about business, SEO, and the digital nomad lifestyle are probably worth shooting an email to. Always ask for their portfolio, of course, but this is generally a good indication of experience and dedication.

Bring up SEO during a conversation

This is where the money is, and any copywriter who’s making a decent living is working with SEO on a daily basis. Ask what he or she will do to craft SEO-friendly blog articles for you. Even if you aren’t so keen on SEO yourself, how confident they are in their response will tell you everything you need to know.

For example, take my client Live Lingua Live Lingua is an online immersive language school. Owners Ray and Laura Blakney have a great business plan that hits seven figures each year, a website with superior SEO (do a google search for “How to Curse in Chinese” and see what comes up first), and are living the digital nomad life from Mexico.

But they wanted to grow the business and build up a couple sister websites while generating new traffic to the main site as well.

I met Ray at the Location Indie gathering in Austin, Texas back in February. During the mastermind roundtable, he expressed a need to contract with a content manager to produce blog and newsletter content, as well as do outreach and link-building. I approached him afterwards and we talked.

Not to toot my own horn, but I explained what I could do for his business, what it would cost him and sent him a proposal the following week. We’ve had a great working relationship ever since.

I can’t afford to hire a copywriter for SEO

I don’t know your personal situation but I will plug for the importance of professional contractors in helping a business grow. Honestly, a good copywriter is a worthy start-up cost and may not cost as much as you think.

Professional web copy, link building and SEO-friendly blog articles are something that can help you right now even if permanent help is further down the line.

Hiring a copywriter to do a few blog or guest posts for you and maybe even run an outreach campaign, is an investment that will pay off by helping your website build authority and attract more customers.

Here are a few common reasons to hire a copywriter for SEO:

  • Link-building – This refers to the practice of obtaining backlinks to your website in order to build its authority with Google. I hate to break it to you, but a sloppy blog article isn’t going to generate many backlinks. Other blogs and websites aren’t going to run your guest posts if they’re poorly written.
  • Landing pages, product descriptions, and general web content – Lure customers in with short, punchy sentences. Hook them with the perfect call to action. Ditch the pensive locutions.
  • Keyword-optimized web copy and blog articles – Help pages on your site rank higher in Google by naturally including phrases that people search for into your copy and blog articles.

My business is my baby and I have trust issues

As an entrepreneur, I feel you here as well. I recently hired a Virtual Assistant to handle basic outreach and email tasks and I went through more than one before I found someone that I actually felt could keep up.

Trusting people with even a part of what you’ve built your livelihood on is a tough thing to open up to. But there are ways to make it easier.

Have them ghostwrite

Ghostwriting means the copywriter does the writing but it has your name on the byline. For blog articles on a product or SAAS website, this a great option. You as the business owner still come across as the expert, without having to worry about your terrible writing skills affecting legitimacy.

Take the time to sufficiently convey what you want

The biggest frustration for me as a copywriter, other than late-payment and non-payment issues, is a client who can’t tell me what they want. In my opinion, at least, this is a leading factor of both issues A and C above. Remember that the copywriter hasn’t spent years building your business and likely doesn’t have as much background knowledge on the topic as you do. The more specific you can be in instruction, the more accurate the writer can be in production. You’ll soon realise that in copywriting, creativity is sparked through a clear understanding of the client’s mindset. In that vein, that brilliant voice that drew you to the writer in the first place will shine brightest when they are able to approach the assignment with confidence.

Bringing it all together

I hope my point has come across.

Here’s a quick recap: By looking within your entrepreneurial circle, whether that be online or at in-person meetups, identifying a quality copywriter isn’t such a frustrating experience. Putting that copywriter to work to craft SEO-optimized content is an investment that will pay off in the long-run.

Why should you hire a copywriter for SEO? Because we need the money. No, no. Seriously though: Once you’ve built a relationship with a professional wordsmith, we’re never more than an email away.

From one digital nomad to another: When you’re looking to build a prominent online business, SEO is one of those necessary evils, we’re fully prepared to help your good side triumph.


Tim Wenger is the Content Manager for Live Lingua and Teacher Indie. He is the author of So, You Have A Band and frequently writes on career advice for creative types from musicians to freelancers After finishing a BA in Communications from Fort Lewis College, Tim jumped into the back of a Ford Econoline and spent a few years playing guitar in dark bars while falling in love with travel, good food, and local drink. He's been unable to rest his pen (or his feet) ever since.Tim Wenger is the Content Manager for Live Lingua and Teacher Indie. He is the author of So, You Have A Band and frequently writes on career advice for creative types from musicians to freelancers  After finishing a BA in Communications from Fort Lewis College, Tim jumped into the back of a Ford Econoline and spent a few years playing guitar in dark bars while falling in love with travel, good food, and local drink. He’s been unable to rest his pen (or his feet) ever since.


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How to grow your blogs traffic using Tim Wenger's advice, hire a copywriter for SEO. Tim uses his experience in the industry to explain how using a copywriter for seo will transform your traffic | Blogging for beginners | Improve blog traffic | SEO | Blog SEO | Blog Traffic Tips









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